August 7, 2006


World Celebs: Respect Cuban Sovereignty (Prensa Latina, 8/07/06)

Over 400 world notables, including eight Nobel prizewinners, urged the US Monday to respect Cuba"s sovereignty, and condemned the threats against its territorial integrity.

The document, "The Sovereignty of Cuba Must be Respected" conveys support to President Fidel Castro, who on July 31 provisionally delegated responsibilities due to his health condition.

No regime that does not govern by the consent of its own people has a legitimate claim of sovereignty.

Posted by Orrin Judd at August 7, 2006 5:47 PM

Yeppers, that US military is obviously so bored and under-utilized right now they're 'jes itchin to wade into Cuber, boy howdy.

Who are these 400 twits? (actually, they number about 150 since Ramsey Clark is one, and his powerful presence represents a subtraction of at least 250...).

I've read Orwell, probably not enough, but he is the only human ever to come close to explaining the propensity of genuinely smart individuals and Nobel Prize winners to masturbate over tyranny the way others do over pornography (ahem.... not me, of course...)

Sorry for the imagery, but sometimes ya gotta shock to break through the fog. These tyrant-loving nitwits are a disgrace.

Posted by: Andrew X at August 7, 2006 5:59 PM

Do any of them live there?

Posted by: jim hamlen at August 7, 2006 6:09 PM

Tutu is one. I remember his espousing this same philosophy when it came to South Africa 15 years ago. No outside interference.

Or has my memory played tricks on me again?

Posted by: obc at August 7, 2006 6:55 PM

Tricks. He was pro-sanctions.

Posted by: oj at August 7, 2006 7:31 PM

Once the Cuban people start "reacting" to Fidel's demise, I'm sure the same 400 will be demanding United Nations intervention to maintain some semblance of the status quo.

Posted by: John at August 7, 2006 9:36 PM

Andy Garcia's Lost City is now out on dvd.

Posted by: Jim in Chicago at August 8, 2006 1:02 AM

There is no way that Bush is going to intervene in Cuba. Fidel and his gang have a secret weapon: empty out their prisons of violent offenders and allow them to launch their boats to Florida. Fidel did that before, and will do that again. All these anti-Fidel stuffs from the US govt. are for show.

Posted by: ic at August 8, 2006 3:36 AM

We absorbed the Marielistas with little problem.

Posted by: oj at August 8, 2006 8:01 AM

Of course some made a bigger mark than others Mass Murderer in New York City, 87 dead

Posted by: h-man at August 8, 2006 10:27 AM

Jim. It's our next Netflix selection.

ic. We have our own secret weapons, lots of them. They're real live Cuban-Americans just itching to take their kids back for a visit their ancestral homes.

Bush can just sit back and smile.

Posted by: erp at August 8, 2006 10:51 AM