February 7, 2006


Jagger is lost for words as Superbowl plays it safe (FERGUS SHEPPARD, 2/07/06, The Scotsman)

HE MAY be the strutting satanic majesty of rock, but Mick Jagger was no match for the censors of American television when the Rolling Stones entertained half-time crowds at Sunday's Superbowl.

Apparently mindful of the controversy that followed the 2004 performance by Janet Jackson, in which co-performer Justin Timberlake ripped off her bodice to expose her right breast, National Football League producers turned down the microphone at crucial points to cut sexually-explicit lyrics from two Stones songs.

The one billion fans in 225 countries who tuned into the event in Detroit endured two fleeting gaps in the music. [...]

Television network ABC was taking no chances either. It introduced a five-second broadcasting delay just in case the Stones - despite their combined age of 246 - kept up their four-decade reputation for rebellion.

They endured the music, enjoyed the gaps.

Posted by Orrin Judd at February 7, 2006 9:19 AM

Last time they played here the morning DJs called it the Lock Up Your Grandmothers Tour.

Posted by: joe shropshire at February 7, 2006 9:52 AM

Damned if I endured the music. I made my own gap.

Most halftime entertainment is my gap time.

Posted by: Genecis at February 7, 2006 9:53 AM

Antwaan Randle El and Hines Ward provided more entertainment value in a seven-second reverse flea-flicker than the Stones did in their three-song set.

(A three song set! Whazzupwitdat? Was Jagger's oxygen tank runnning low or something?)

Posted by: Mike Morley at February 7, 2006 10:03 AM

I thought the all-kitten halftime show for Puppy Bowl II was much more entertaining.

"endured two fleeting gaps"
How do you endure something that's fleeting and only happens twice? Christ endured being on the cross. Solzhenitsyn endured his time in the gulags. I don't see how something most people didn't notice (or care about) qualifies as "enduring."

Posted by: Bryan at February 7, 2006 10:15 AM

Thank you, OJ. The most overrated band in rock history.

Posted by: JQ at February 7, 2006 10:28 AM

The line by Mick that the Stones could have played "Satisfaction" at the Super Bowl I halftime show almost justified their appearance.

Posted by: John at February 7, 2006 10:42 AM

I dissent. I thought it was great. They were loose, relaxed, and played actual rock and roll music -- live, not lip-synched. Sure, Jagger's a prancing fool, but he sure makes Timberlake look like a whiff.

Posted by: Twn at February 7, 2006 11:18 AM

The halftime show was much better than the pregame (or the national anthem - what's up with Aretha anyway?).

Posted by: Bartman at February 7, 2006 11:50 AM

It was the saddest off-key, off-tempo, awful reproduction of a 60's rock band I've ever witnessed. Please, next year just run the fingernails across a chalk board. But the fact is these guys were never that good even when they were good.

Posted by: NC3 at February 7, 2006 12:36 PM

It's only rock n' roll, boys. I've seen them live twice. In 1971 at the Garden and at Shea maybe 10 years ago. The show at the Garden was a lot of fun. Ya Ya's records part of it. If you like old-fashioned, basic yet original rock, how can you dismiss the Stones?

Posted by: Tom C., Stamford Ct., at February 7, 2006 12:53 PM


They're the Rolling Stones. They don't have to play in anybody's key or tempo but the one they choose!! Not even for the Superbowl.

And the Stones did too know how to rock better than anyone.

Besides, the most overated 60's / 70's leftover is Eric Clapton (as a solo artist), hands down.

Posted by: Twn at February 7, 2006 12:56 PM


Yes, rock is the problem, not the Stones.

Posted by: oj at February 7, 2006 12:58 PM

No, oj. It's the electric guitar.

Posted by: Tom C., Stamford Ct., at February 7, 2006 1:09 PM


Should be the Steel Wheel(chair)s Tour.


Totally agree. We were channeling our parents at halftime - "This is just noise."

The Stones have really only one song and they've been playing it for the last 40 years.

Posted by: Rick T. at February 7, 2006 1:32 PM

Tom C.:

Actually, it was the saxophone (circa 1842).

Posted by: Twn at February 7, 2006 3:11 PM

It's been all downhill since the 'steam powered guitar' fell out of use.

Posted by: JonofAtlanta at February 7, 2006 3:38 PM

As a big Stones fan, (Beatles were the most overrated, JQ) I'm annoyed at the latest tour (I didn't bother going) and CD.

Some one tell Mick he can't sing anymore.

Rough Justice indeed. I wonder how that "Dorian Gray" picture hanging in his closet looks.

Sorry Rick, but they've had 10 songs, not one, and most of the recycles were still pretty good.

Posted by: Bruno at February 7, 2006 4:13 PM

Robert Johnson didn't need one.

The only electric instrument that's worthwhile is the Hammond B3.

Posted by: oj at February 7, 2006 4:15 PM

I have a strange fondness for "Emotional Rescue" (the single, not the album.) There's a few bars in the middle where Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts are noodling away and Mick Jagger is just sort of hooting, ooh ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh... It brings to mind a picture of a bunch of old chimpanzees passing a joint around. Oddly soothing.

Posted by: joe shropshire at February 7, 2006 4:40 PM

If you ask my Dad, he'll tell you about a bad show the Rolling Stones had when they visited Omaha in 1964.

They're old and, except for a few songs, thoroughly overrated.

Posted by: Matt Murphy at February 7, 2006 8:33 PM

In today's "Tuesday Morning Quarterback" ("TMQ" to fans) by Gregg Easterbrook:

Cross-Generation Message to NFL: TMQ's 15-year old, Mara Rose, watched the Stones' halftime show slack-jawed. "These guys should be in some house in Florida that has wind chimes," she said. "They should be listening to the radio and saying to each other, 'Oh look, a boat is going by.'" There's a cross-generational message there, NFL. McCartney, the Stones -- next year how 'bout a halftime act that will appeal to viewers not yet eligible for Social Security? Meanwhile kids, have at look at the Stones' faces and Mick's wasted physique. Kids, this is what happens when you do drugs, okay?

Posted by: Mike Morley at February 7, 2006 9:17 PM