February 17, 2006


'Peace Mom' greeted by protests at St. Xavier (MARK J. KONKOL, February 17, 2006, Chicago Sun-Times)

You'd think that a woman with such an Irish-sounding name would have gotten a better reception down in Mount Greenwood.

But Cindy "Peace Mom" Sheehan, known for protesting the Iraq war, was greeted at St. Xavier University on the Southwest Side with, well, protests. [...]

Before her talk, dozens of bikers and blue collar workers gathered outside the field house, in the freezing rain, carrying signs that read: "Support Our Troops."

Bill Naughton, a truck mechanic from Hillside, said he showed up so Sheehan didn't get all the spotlight.

"She gets to say what she wants. We get a say," he said. "She says 'Bring them back. We're fighting for oil.' I don't believe we're fighting for oil. I support what our guys enlisted to do, volunteered to do."

Keep your eyes peeled for a Thomas Frank sequel: "What's the Matter With Blue Collar Workers?"

Posted by Orrin Judd at February 17, 2006 11:56 AM

"Peace Mom?" Sounds like a Communist to me.

Posted by: Lou Gots at February 17, 2006 12:46 PM

Nah Lou, They're just a little bit pregnant.

Posted by: Genecis at February 17, 2006 1:21 PM

Here is my take on Cindy:

Camp Reality

You are only pretend heroes in movies and on television. Come back
to the real White House, the real world, and the real heroes that are
fighting and dying so that you can have your spoiled brat “Tinseltown.”
--Thomas Newton, The Conservative Rebellion

This is Bush Country. Bethany is walking
On Prairie Chapel Road toward her chair
In Camp Reality. The kooks are talking
And yelling with a condescending air.
She is an army chaplain’s daughter. She
Supports the troops and President. They point
At Al Sharpton, Joan Baez, Martin Sheen
And Cindy Sheehan, (longing for a joint).
Come to the Real world, the real President,
The real true heroes fighting, dying for
The country that the Founding Fathers meant
To bless the people with for evermore.
And Casey Sheehan drops the truthful bomb,
“I am a hero not a victim, Mom.”

Dedicated to Bethany Berry, Crawford, Texas resident

Thomas Newton
Conservative Poet

Posted by: Thomas Newton at February 19, 2006 12:52 AM

Cindy your 15 minutes of fame is up.

Posted by: Thomas Newton at February 19, 2006 1:08 AM