January 24, 2006


Casey announces endorsement of Alito (KIMBERLY HEFLING, 1/24/06, Associated Press)

Sen. Rick Santorum's leading Democratic challenger, Pennsylvania Treasurer Bob Casey, announced Tuesday that he endorses Judge Samuel Alito's confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Meet the next Zell Miller.

Posted by Orrin Judd at January 24, 2006 11:55 PM

Ooooh! An "anti-choicer" who supports putting "Bush's extremist judges" on the Supreme Court to "roll back the rights of women and minorities and usher in a new Dark Age."

Paging Daily Kos! Paging Daily Kos! You must organize immediately to stop this "DINO reactionary."

(Fratricide is so fun to watch.)

Posted by: Mike Morley at January 25, 2006 6:27 AM

Some covert GOP op should give Barbara Hafer $5 million to enter the race as an independent.

I wonder now if Casey really wants the job - it took Schumer and Rendell strong-arming him last summer for him to even discuss running. He is a lighweight compared to his dad, and with Lynn Swann scaring Rendell, the dynamics of this race are quite different than what the media will show.

I doubt if Casey would prove to be a Zell. Don't forget, Zell was a Marine who had been a two-term governer. Bob Casey (Jr.) has held a minor state office, and is still virtually unknown even in PA.

Posted by: jim hamlen at January 25, 2006 8:14 AM

Rendell's wife is also on the same court with Alito, and Rendell has come out in support of his nomination, while voicing displeasure at the tactics of Senate Democrats on this issue. Rendell's a partisan Democrat, but he also was the first one to tell Al Gore to give up after the 2000 Supreme Court ruiling, and knowing the Alitos on a personal basis via their circuit court connection makes it far more difficult on a personal level to support demonization of Alito, the human being, than simply Alito the name, as Kennedy, Schumer, et al, have done on the court.

Casey may have come about his decision on his own, or he may have seen that going against his state's own governor on Alito would have put a major hit into his pro-life credentials come November, when following in his father's footsteps as being a pro-life Democrat is one of his major assets in any run against Santorum.

Posted by: John at January 25, 2006 9:45 AM