January 13, 2006


Bush Skating Circles Around the Democrats (Froma Harrop, 1/12/06, Real Clear Politics)

It's always painful watching President Bush skate circles around the Democrats. Believe me, I take no pleasure in the sight.

Bush's figure eights were on display recently when he warned Democrats to tread carefully on the war issue in the midterm-election campaign. Speaking before the Veterans of Foreign Wars, he said Americans know the difference between "honest critics" and "defeatists who refuse to see that anything is right."

Reporters sharply asked Bush spokesman Scott McClellan whether the president was stifling dissent. And Rep. John Murtha, the Pennsylvania Democrat, repeated his call for an immediate withdrawal of American troops from Iraq.

Stifle dissent? Are you kidding? The more leading Democrats talk the wrong way about Iraq, the better off the Republicans are. Do Democrats think Bush was offering sage advice to help them in the upcoming elections? He was setting bait, to which they immediately rose.

Posted by Orrin Judd at January 13, 2006 6:28 AM

(1) Being President gives one the ability to set agendas.
(2) Having majority control of Congress gives a party the ability to run agendas.
(3) Having 1 & 2 together gives a party the ability to marginilize the opposition.
(4) Having neither 1 nor 2 and no new ideas leaves the opposition forced to react to the actions of the majority, even if the opposition still retains control of the largest megaphones.
(5) Thus, elections matter.

Do you think this is simple enough for Ms. Harrop to understand? She shows from time to time a grasp of reality.

Posted by: Mikey at January 13, 2006 2:14 PM