January 17, 2006


Senate Democrat backs Alito (Reuters, 1/17/06)

Ben Nelson of Nebraska on Tuesday became the first Senate Democrat to announce his support of conservative Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito, who is expected to be confirmed later this month by the full Republican-led Senate.

"I have decided to vote in favor of Judge Samuel Alito," Nelson, a moderate, said in a statement issued by his office.

"I came to this decision after careful consideration of his impeccable judicial credentials, the American Bar Association's strong recommendation and his pledge that he would not bring a political agenda to the court," Nelson said.

And the calendar, which says he has to run for re-election in a Red state in November.

Posted by Orrin Judd at January 17, 2006 10:08 PM

The Dems also need to make sure Alito gets to at least 60 votes, lest their moonbats think that he couldda been fb'd. They've got a revolt on their hands as it is.

Posted by: ras at January 17, 2006 11:58 PM

He's comprehensively taking away issues the GOP can use against him. I expect Stenberg to throw the nuke dump issue at him like there's no tomorrow.

Posted by: Matt Murphy at January 18, 2006 1:58 AM

I'd like to think it was my letter to Senator Nelson that made him come to the conclusion to vote for Alito; however, he did manage to get elected statewide several times and therefore he understands the voters of his state.

I hope Stenberg throws that nuke dump issue at Nelson, it did cost the state $150 million but voters may forget about that now that state revenues are up.

Matt: Don't vote for David Kramer. I went to the same undergraduate university that he did and he was a jerk. More importantly, he was behind the OPS $250 million bond several years ago (his law firm represents OPS) as well as the $150 million dollar public financing for the Qwest Center. In all, he is a big spender.

Posted by: pchuck at January 18, 2006 11:12 AM

Why didn't Hillary pick Nebraska for her carpetbagging? She could have picked up some genuine moderate cred.

Okay, she couldn't have gotten elected in the first place, but every plan has bugs...

Posted by: Casey Abell at January 18, 2006 3:43 PM