January 22, 2006


Martin slams the `far, far right': Says Tories not `progressives' of old (LES WHITTINGTON, Jan. 22, 2006, Toronto Star)

Citing Harper's plans to cancel national child care, abandon the Kyoto environmental commitments, allow MPs to vote on banning same-sex marriage and rethink $5 billion in support for aboriginals, Martin said, "We have a party that wants to take this country to the far, far right of the U.S. conservative movement."

And he reminded voters that today's federal Conservatives are not the same Progressive Conservatives of years gone by. "That party, the party of Bob Stanfield, the party of Joe Clark ... the party that was proud to call itself progressive, is no more. It's as dead as disco."

A fitting epitaph for Mr. Martin: He regretted the death of disco.

Posted by Orrin Judd at January 22, 2006 7:53 AM

Somwhere, Margaret Trudeau is boogying down in sadnesss...

Posted by: John at January 22, 2006 11:55 AM

Poor Mr.Martin and the Canadian Liberal Party. They actually think that not only are they the natural governing party in perpetuity, and that they should be able to name all the government officials, like senators and judges, but control their opponents' leadership, too. Unless a miracle occurs in the next 36 hours, being that the Canadian Stupid Party manages to finally figure out how to lose this, it will be a slap aside the head with brass knuckles. The next question is, will they react the same way their buddies to the south have, and go off the deep end?

Posted by: Raoul Ortega at January 22, 2006 1:25 PM

If the Conservatives do win, the Liberals and the press will immediately start claiming that those issues had nothing to do with their victory and the election certainly doesn't represent a mandate to enact those sweeping changes.

Of course, if the Conservatives win a majority, it won't matter, which is both the glory and bane of parlimentary politics.

Posted by: David Cohen at January 22, 2006 1:35 PM