November 21, 2005


Listen to the word on the 'Arab street' (Mark Steyn, 22/11/2005, Daily Telegraph)

On Friday, the allegedly explosive "Arab street" finally exploded, in the largest demonstration against al-Qa'eda or its affiliates seen in the Middle East. "Zarqawi," shouted 200,000 Jordanians, "from Amman we say to you, you are a coward!" Also "the enemy of Allah" - which, for a jihadist, isn't what they call on Broadway a money review.

The old head-hacker was sufficiently rattled by the critical pans of his Jordanian hotel bombings that he issued the first IRA-style apology in al-Qa'eda's history. "People of Jordan, we did not undertake to blow up any wedding parties," he said. "For those Muslims who were killed, we ask God to show them mercy, for they were not targets." Yeah, right. Tell it to the non-Marines. It was perfectly obvious to Ali Hussein Ali al-Shamari and his missus what was going on when they strolled into the ballroom of the Radisson Hotel. [...]

I don't know what Islamist Suicide-Bombing For Dummies defines as a "soft target" but a Jordanian-Palestinian wedding in the public area of an hotel in a Muslim country with no infidel troops must come pretty close to the softest target of all time. Even more revealing, look at who Zarqawi dispatched to blow up his brother Muslims: why would he send Ali Hussein Ali al-Shamari, one of his most trusted lieutenants, to die in an operation requiring practically no skill?

Well, by definition it's hard to get suicide bombers with experience. But Mr Shamari's presence suggests at the very least that the "insurgency" is having a hard time meeting its recruitment targets.

Posted by Orrin Judd at November 21, 2005 11:32 PM

The terrorists who bombed the wedding in Jordan are now saying it was a mistake and they didn't mean to kill Moslems, only foreigners who stay at those hotels.

I don't think that's true. I think they wanted to send a message that western style weddings where the bride wears a bridal gown showing lots of skin, not a burqa, are not permissible.

The mistake terrorists made was in thinking that public opinion would be with them.

Posted by: erp at November 22, 2005 9:52 AM