September 13, 2005


Nursing home owners charged in deaths of 34 (Associated Press, 9/13/05)

The husband-and-wife owners of a New Orleans-area nursing home where 34 people died in Hurricane Katrina's floodwaters were charged today with negligent homicide.

The case represents the first major prosecution to come out of the disaster in New Orleans.

The owners of St. Rita's Nursing Home in the town of Chalmette "were asked if they wanted to move (the patients). They did not. They were warned repeatedly that this storm was coming. In effect, their inaction resulted in the deaths of these patients," Louisiana Attorney General Charles Foti said.

Salvador A. Mangano and his wife, Mable, surrendered and were jailed on 34 counts of negligent homicide. Each count carries up to five years in prison.

The attorney general said he is also investigating the discovery of more than 40 corpses at flooded-out Memorial Medical Center, in New Orleans' Uptown section.

Posted by Orrin Judd at September 13, 2005 6:41 PM

The Left, of course, is always willing to "pay and price, bear any burden" to blame things on W.

Posted by: Timothy at September 13, 2005 6:51 PM

This is extremely especially since you figure people in nursing homes cannot fend for themselves. To argue that this incident is Bush's fault and not the owners or local officials would take really tortured logic.

Posted by: AWW at September 13, 2005 7:43 PM


What are you kidding - Bush should have known that NO nursing home owners are heartless and incompetant and he should have sent in the Army Rangers and the Navy Seals on a special mission two days before the hurricane to evacuate all nursing homes. But since the Army is in Iraq slaughtering infants so Halliburton can raise the price of oil the poor elderly in NO drowned to death. Since those old folks didn't drive cars and thus since they didn't buy gasoline, ChaneyMcBushRoveHitler and Co. didn't give lick.

Posted by: Shelton at September 13, 2005 7:49 PM

Gen. Honore expects a final body count by tomorrow evening, one day before Bush speaks. I'm guessing fewer than 500 for all of Louisiana, including homicides, with 50-100 of those outside the New Orleans city limits. (New Orleans alone had been on a path towards 400 homocides this year, by the way.)

Posted by: ghostcat at September 13, 2005 8:14 PM

You know, I think the Manganos may need a good defense attorney team. This sounds like a case of the state/parish trying to cover its tracks by persecuting (er, prosecuting) some mom/pop operators.

Be VERY suspicious of the prosecution of this case.

Posted by: Brad S at September 13, 2005 9:25 PM


I'll bet you are right.

Brad S:

Could well be. One has to wonder exactly what resources are available to mom/pop operators (if that is what they in fact are), no matter how well intentioned.

After all, precisely how were they supposed to evacuate these people? In what? To where? What trouble would they have been in had some in there care died en route?

Posted by: Jeff Guinn at September 13, 2005 9:47 PM

There was more than one nursing home in the NO area.

If all of the others managed, then the Manganos will have a very tough time arguing that they were not negligent.

At the very least, they should have contacted the residents' families, and informed them that St. Rita's wasn't going to be able to evacuate the residents.

Posted by: Michael Herdegen [TypeKey Profile Page] at September 13, 2005 11:18 PM

If N.O. was heading towards 400 murders in the next 12 months, Katrina may have wound up saving lives net net, and over a short time period.

Posted by: Robert Schwartz [TypeKey Profile Page] at September 13, 2005 11:26 PM

You guys are disgusting.

Posted by: at September 14, 2005 12:17 AM

Why, thank you!

Posted by: obc at September 14, 2005 12:50 AM

It's not hard to imagine what the BrosJudd take on all these stories would be, had it all happened in Europe.

Rather less doubt of their veracity. Rather less placing in context. Rather more beard-stroking and pontificating.

Dying continent, blah blah, no value on human life, blah blah, modern secular rationalism, blah blah, Applied Darwinism, yadda yadda yadda.

Nobody knows nuffink about nuffink.

Posted by: Brit at September 14, 2005 5:44 AM


We didn't escape the problems that are killing Europe entirely, only by enough.

Posted by: oj at September 14, 2005 7:20 AM

It's not hard to imagine what the BrosJudd take on all these stories would be, had it all happened in Europe.

Well, Brit, doesn't it seem like the media has relatively overhyped the number of deaths in Louisiana from Katrina, if they are less than 1000, compared to the number of deaths across Europe, especially in France and Italy, from heat in 2003?

Posted by: John Thacker [TypeKey Profile Page] at September 14, 2005 4:09 PM