August 13, 2005


All men are not equal (Mark Steyn, The Spectator)

There’s an abandoned town in Labrador called Davis Inlet. An Innu community — i.e., natives, of the Mushuau people, if you’re big on who’s who in the Great White North. About a decade ago Canadians switched on their televisions and were confronted by ‘shocking’ images of the town’s populace passing the day snorting drugs, glue, petrol and pretty much anything else to hand.

So, as any impeccably progressive soft-lefties would, Her Majesty’s Government in Ottawa decided to build the Mushuau a new town a few miles inland — state of the art, money no object, new homes, new heating systems, new schoolhouse, new computers, plus new more culturally respectful town name (Natuashish). Total cost to Canadian taxpayers: $152 million, which works out to about $217,142.85 for each of the town’s men, women and children. Got a wife and two kids and you’re looking at a government handout of about nine hundred thousand bucks.

And the upshot of Canadian taxpayers’ generosity? Two years after the new town opened, the former Mushuau chief and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police both agreed that there were more drugs, alcoholism, gas-sniffing etc., than ever before. Also higher suicide rates.

Gas-sniffing is not a traditional native activity. Before the first European settlers came, the Mushuau did not roam the tundra hunting for Toyota Corollas to siphon the tanks of. That’s a particularly perverse form of cultural co-mingling, but one in which ‘compassionate’ white liberals seem determined to keep the natives mired. The government showers native communities with money; there’s no economic downside to sniffing petrol all day; and as everyone in Natuashish is driving around in brand-new pick-ups on roads that go nowhere you might as well use that full tank of gas for something. The net result of 40 years of a ‘caring’ policy intended to maintain communities in their traditional ‘culture’ is that Canadian natives now have tuberculosis, diabetes, heart disease and brain damage at levels accelerating further and further away from those in society at large, not to mention lower life-expectancy, higher infant mortality, and endemic suicide. On the last point, the Canadian government doesn’t give natives the rope with which they hang themselves, but they do give them free supplies of ammunition. (Natives have higher murder rates, too.) Identity-group grievance-mongers routinely go on about the first Europeans introducing disease to hitherto vigorous North American Indians four centuries ago, but the current health crises afflicting literally dying communities are of less concern. Nonetheless, the math seems unarguable: too many agonised white liberal multicultural chiefs leads to not enough Indians.

Canadian natives, as the most comprehensively wrecked minority on the continent, are a microcosm of everything that’s wrong with multiculturalism. The premise of multiculturalism is that all cultures are equally ‘valid’, but of course that’s bunk: some cultures are better, some are worse, some are successes, some are failures. [...]

By pretending that all cultures are equal, multiculturalism doesn’t ‘preserve’ traditional cultures so much as sustain them in an artificial state that ensures they’ll develop bizarre pathologies and mutate into some freakish hybrid of the worst of both worlds. With the Innu, the destructive ‘compassion’ of guilt-ridden white liberals is no big deal — at least for us. The Innu live a long way away from anybody else and so for the most part they mostly harm each other.

But the Islamists are much closer to home. Like the Innu, they’re a dysfunctional amalgam of traditional and Western culture, fundamentalist Islam filtered through an old-school European fascist movement. Like the Innu, they’re hooked on welfare and the glorification of self-destruction. Like the Innu, they’re the creations of Western largesse — from the firebrand imams bilking the British welfare state, to the bananaphobic imams of taxpayer-funded Aussie schools, to Osama bin Laden himself, who took his pa’s dough from the US-fuelled Saudi construction boom and sunk it into a hole in the ground in Tora Bora. Remember Mohammed Atta? He piloted the jet that hit the first World Trade Center tower — or, for any Saudi TV viewers reading this, the first Empire State Building tower — and his main concern seemed to be that his corpse would make it to paradise without being contaminated by infidels and whores. As he wrote in the will he left behind, ‘He who washes my body around my genitals should wear gloves so that I am not touched there.’

Young Mohammed graduated from Cairo university with a degree in architectural engineering and later studied at Hamburg university. One had assumed his wealthy parents didn’t put junior through architectural engineering in order to pull off one spectacular demolition job. But his dad, also called Mohammed, recently popped up on CNN to praise the 9/11 attacks and the 7 July bombings and tell the network that if it wanted another interview it would cost $5,000 which he’d donate towards financing the next attack in London. He’s a lawyer, his son was an engineer and qualified pilot (well, except for the landing and take-off part, which he told his flight school he didn’t need to learn). But they’re kookier than the most in-bred backwoods up-country yakherd.

Yet somehow we’ve wound up in a situation where it requires a hugely agonised public debate — even in the Telegraph — about whether we should state the obvious and historically indisputable truth about British culture, while simultaneously we all agree to dissemble like crazy about Muslim culture, handling it with the kid gloves Mohammed Atta wanted reserved for his genitals. This is a disastrous strategy.

The project that the President embarked on after 9/11--though genberally unstated for obvious reasons--is to remake the Islamic world and Reform Islam to make them more like us. Meanwhile, the Europeans are afraid to even make their own citizens conform to Western norms.

Posted by Orrin Judd at August 13, 2005 6:47 AM

I received $33,350 from the Bureau of Indian Affairs in the mid-90's and put the money into a Franklin Templeton Income Fund - Class C. Last week I received another $363.37, which I put into my checking account to help pay for my new work shop. I also bought a case of beer.

Posted by: AllenS at August 13, 2005 11:08 AM

As such we are playing into their hands ... and Usama smiles, hopefully wrapped in a pork belly, while being tantalized by 72 year old leftwing whores in hell.

Posted by: Genecis at August 13, 2005 11:12 AM

Thank God you posted the article here. Cannot even get to step one with registering on The Spectator, darn e-mail is never sent with log in details...

Posted by: Scott at August 13, 2005 11:14 AM has been blogging what the media is ignoring in Northern Europe.

Posted by: erp at August 13, 2005 12:08 PM

Leaving Indians on reservations here in the US isn't much better than what went on in Canada. It would have been far more humane in the long run to just forcibly integrate them into the larger culture. Cultural wars have been going on for millenia, and generally the losing culture, if they weren't able to move to some other location and displace some other culture, were forcibly assimilated, killed or used for slaves. That is how the various Indian tribes treated each other before we arrived.

The worst thing is to be permanently ensconced in a losing culture. Reservations and government towns are little more than diorama displays in a museum of history. We should move them all to Epcot Center.

Posted by: Robert Duquette at August 13, 2005 2:05 PM