July 14, 2005


Far right and football gangs plot 'revenge' (Hugh Muir, July 15, 2005, The Guardian)

Plans by an alliance of rightwing extremists and football hooligans to exact "revenge" on Muslims after last week's bomb attacks are being monitored by police.

The Guardian has learned that extremists are keen to cause widespread fear and injury with attacks on mosques and high-profile "anti-Muslim" events in the capital.

Football hooligans communicating over the internet have spoken of the need to put aside partisan support for teams and unite against Muslims. Hooligans from West Ham, Millwall, Crystal Palace and Arsenal are among those seeking to establish common cause.

Posted by Orrin Judd at July 14, 2005 11:43 PM

. . . or hockey fans.

Posted by: obc at July 15, 2005 12:34 AM

Where are the Chelsea firms? Once among the most feared in footy, the Ruskie buys the club and their hooligans go missing when their nation needs them. Fie.

Posted by: Jim in Chicago at July 15, 2005 3:45 AM

Football hooligans communicating over the internet have spoken of the need to put aside partisan support for teams and unite against Muslims.

That's hilarious.

Did Yankees and Red Sox fans have to come to an explicit agreement after 9/11 to put aside differences over sporting events ??

Posted by: Michael Herdegen at July 15, 2005 6:03 AM

Rudy Giuliani threw out the first pitch of this year at Fenway while wearing a Yankees cap and got a standing ovation.

Violence by mobs against Muslims is obviously wrong and should be punished to full extent of whatever criminal law remains in Britain today. Burning Korans and effigies of Osama are symbolic speech and should be protected.

BTW, I wouldn't be surprised if the Guardian, in its desire to discredit anyone who might be a patriotic Briton, planted phony messages on football websites themselves.

Posted by: bart at July 15, 2005 9:02 AM

Can't wait to see what they do to any of these yobs who burn a Quran.

Posted by: oj at July 15, 2005 9:36 AM


"Whatever criminal law remains in Britain today..."

I guess it will be the bit that's left which is putting record numbers in prison:


Posted by: Brit at July 15, 2005 11:31 AM

Doesn't OJ know that immigrants are bringing soccer to the US?

Posted by: Chris Durnell at July 15, 2005 11:34 AM

Britain's burglary rate is over twice the American rate. That is a dramatic change since the days of Lionel Jeffries and Peter Sellers' Wrong Arm of the Law, and not a change for the better.

Posted by: bart at July 15, 2005 11:39 AM


Yes, but their kids are playing real sports. Tony Casillas, Anthony Munoz and Jeff Garcia come to mind.

Posted by: bart at July 15, 2005 11:41 AM


Yeah but what you lack in burglary you more than make up for in homicides, tax evasion and crooked TV evangelists, so don't feel bad.

Posted by: Brit at July 15, 2005 11:47 AM

Okay, I see we've all agreed to take this story at face value then and pretend it's just another "Muslims are potential victims" story. These things always pop up after some Muslims kill a whole bunch of innocent people.

Posted by: Brandon at July 15, 2005 11:52 AM

British people don't evade taxes? My goodness, in the US, France and Italy, it's practically a religious obligation to evade taxes. No wonder they call you guys, subjects. :)

Posted by: bart at July 15, 2005 11:53 AM

No, it's an obligation here to avoid taxes. Evasion is for idiots: it costs bloody millions.

Posted by: Brit at July 15, 2005 12:00 PM

Yeah, it cost England a colony.

Posted by: jefferson park at July 15, 2005 1:18 PM

too bad they are putting farmers (or anyone else) who defends theirself in prison. the police force in the uk is a disgrace. the frederick west case, and that homegrown mengle proved they are a farce. socialist countries always have very high crime rates, they just monkey the stats to hide it. when the british start extraditing terrorists to the u.s. then i will concede they are getting serious. sheep are made to be sheared.

Posted by: cjm at July 15, 2005 1:18 PM

I think it's okay to burn Allah's book if you wear white gloves when you toss it on the barby

Posted by: erp at July 15, 2005 2:08 PM