July 27, 2005


Truly Muslim, fully American (Fatina Abdrabboh, 7/28/05, CS Monitor)

"I condemn terrorism." Lately, because I'm a Muslim, these are the only three words people seem to want to hear come out of my mouth. Beyond the words themselves, the way I proclaim them is measured for sincerity. Perhaps even more than the days immediately after 9/11, I as a Muslim feel now that many of my fellow Americans believe that Islam and its adherents are evil, pure and simple. [...]

Why is my stance on terrorism my only defining feature?

For the same reason a Darwinist's stance on eugenics defined him in the first half of the 20th Century?

U.S. Muslim Scholars To Forbid Terrorism (Caryle Murphy, July 28, 2005, Washington Post)

An organization of top American Muslim religious scholars plans to issue a formal ruling today condemning terrorism and forbidding Muslims to cooperate with anyone involved in a terrorist act, according to officials of two leading Islamic organizations.

The one-page ruling, or fatwa, will be issued by the Fiqh Council of North America, an association of Islamic legal scholars that interprets Islamic law for the Muslim community. Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, an advocacy group, said the ruling does not represent a new position on terrorism.

Rather, Hooper said, "it is another way to drive home the point that the American Muslim community rejects terrorism and extremism."

Although Muslim leaders and political organizations have repeatedly denounced religious extremism, Hooper added, "any time any Muslim goes on a talk show or on television, the first question is, 'Why haven't Muslims condemned terrorism?' "

Louay Safi of the Islamic Society of North America noted that there is an "important difference" between a fatwa and previous statements from the Muslim community. The fatwa "is not a political statement. It's a legal or religious opinion by a recognized religious authority in the United States," said Safi, whose group is based in Indianapolis.

Muslims here decry religious extremism (EMILY NGO, July 30, 2005, Chicago Sun-Times)
In light of bomb attacks in London and Egypt, Muslim interest groups in Chicago on Friday joined Muslims nationwide in publicly decrying acts of violence performed for religion's sake.

Several Muslim interest groups here officially endorsed the fatwa, or religious decree, issued by the Fiqh Council of North America against religious extremism.

According to the teachings of the Quran, acts of terrorism targeting innocents are forbidden in Islam, the fatwa reads. The decree seeks to remind Muslims that Islam condemns violence and to assure non-Muslims that not all of the Islamic world resorts to violent means.

"We believe suicide bombing is criminal and sinful," said Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid, chairman of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago. "Killing civilians, for whatever cause, will result in God's utter displeasure."

Posted by Orrin Judd at July 27, 2005 10:29 PM

I as a Muslim feel now that many of my fellow Americans believe that Islam and its adherents are evil, pure and simple.

Pure, but not simple.

Islam is not an evil religion, but Islam's effect on majority Muslim societies has been a net evil.

Posted by: Michael Herdegen at July 28, 2005 12:50 AM

As well as on other societies that have had the misfortune of being infested with Muslims. France, Holland, Britain, Israel, the US, Australia, Germany, Belgium and even Canada are worse places since the Muslims started arriving there.

Posted by: bart at July 28, 2005 9:24 AM

Not the US and the others are just in a tough transition phase. Once Islam takes over they'll quiet down.

Posted by: oj at July 28, 2005 9:36 AM

Just like Europe after a Nazi victory, eh?

Posted by: bart at July 28, 2005 1:19 PM

The Nazis couldn't win--their ideology was too limited in its appeal. Islam will--it's universal.

Posted by: oj at July 28, 2005 1:25 PM

The Nazis wanted to kill Jews. The Muslims want to kill everyone who's not a Muslim.

I guess that could be called 'universal' all right.

Posted by: bart at July 28, 2005 4:11 PM

christianity will supplant islam, worldwide, in less than 100 years.

Posted by: cjm at July 28, 2005 5:02 PM


You can be a Muslim. You can't be an Aryan.

Posted by: oj at July 28, 2005 5:07 PM

CAIR does not recognize the right of Israel to exist, so the only value of this one page will be on the outhouse wall when the Sears catalogue is all used up.

Posted by: Harry Eagar at July 28, 2005 7:11 PM

No nation has a right to exist. Israel is negotiating with Muslims whether they'll accede to its existence.

Posted by: oj at July 28, 2005 7:19 PM

That may be what the Muslims think is being negotiated, but that ain't what the Israelis are negotiating.

Posted by: David Cohen at July 28, 2005 7:56 PM

Sure it is. Israel just wants the bombings to stop.

Posted by: oj at July 28, 2005 7:58 PM

if israel isn't willing to exterminate the palestinians (as the latter have vowed to do to the israelis) then israel doesn't deserve to exist.

Posted by: cjm at July 29, 2005 2:21 AM

Takes two sides to negotiate. I don't see even one.

Besides, if you have no right to exist, where do you get your right to negotiate? What could you be negotiating for?

Posted by: Harry Eagar at July 29, 2005 5:30 PM

the israelis should be negotiating with heavy weaponry and lines of Cat bulldozers.

Posted by: cjm at July 29, 2005 6:41 PM

Borders & relative peace

Posted by: oj at July 29, 2005 8:07 PM
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