June 6, 2005


Wash. Judge Upholds Gubernatorial Vote: Wash. Judge Upholds 2004 Gubernatorial Election, Rejects Republicans' Bid to Nullify Outcome (REBECCA COOK, 6/06/05, Associated Press)

A judge on Monday upheld Washington's 2004 gubernatorial election, rejecting Republicans' bid to nullify the 129-vote victory of Democratic Gov. Christine Gregoire.

Chelan County Superior Court Judge John Bridges denied Republican claims that election errors, illegal voters and fraud stole the election from GOP candidate Dino Rossi.

"Unless an election is clearly invalid, when the people have spoken their verdict should not be disturbed by the courts," Bridges said as he announced the decision from his courtroom.

The judge agreed that the state's election system is flawed, but he said he was not the proper person to remedy those flaws.

"This court is not in the position to fix the deficiencies in the election process," Bridges said. "However, the voters are in a position to demand of their legislative and executive bodies that remedial measures be taken immediately."

Courts shouldn't even hear these cases.

Posted by Orrin Judd at June 6, 2005 2:27 PM

Agreed--but that's the way the WA contest law is written (one of many problems with it).

Posted by: Timothy at June 6, 2005 2:33 PM

This was exactly the result I predicted in another comment thread the other day.

There are lots of cases the courts shouldn't be hearing. I'd just like some consistency when it comes to judges finding emanations from penumbras in some cases, but not others. The great efforts the judge (and the supreme court, if they hear an appeal) go to to not be seen as "activist" are a great contrast to judicial willinginess to micromanage every other aspect of our lives (today's US Supreme court rulings on ADA and so-called "medical" marijuana, for example.)

Posted by: Raoul Ortega at June 6, 2005 3:02 PM

First the WA Legislature said it was their issue. Then they ducked it and said it was a courts issue. Now the court says it's not theirs either. I smell a Tim Eyman initiative coming. Also, ditto on Raoul's comment.

Posted by: Patrick H at June 6, 2005 4:40 PM

Great ghu, Orrin, and here I thought your anti-auto conceit was the silliest thing ever, but this beats even that. Look here, if elections cannot be run fairly, honestly, and accurately, then what's the point of politics? "May be most skillful thief win"???

Posted by: Kirk Parker at June 6, 2005 11:38 PM