June 3, 2005


The (Culture) War of the Word (Dennis Prager, May 29, 2005, LA Times)

A number of years ago I discovered a root cause of America's culture war. It came to me as I debated professor Alan Dershowitz about issues of Jewish concern before a 1,000 Jews at the 92nd Street "Y" in New York City. With the exception of support for Israel, Dershowitz, a Harvard liberal, and I agreed on nothing, political or religious. Toward the end of the evening I came to understand why.

"Ladies and gentlemen," I announced, "the major difference between Alan Dershowitz and me is this: When professor Dershowitz differs with the Torah, he assumes that he is right and the Torah is wrong. When I differ with the Torah, I assume that I am wrong and the Torah is right." Dershowitz responded that for the first time that evening he agreed with me.

That realization was an epiphany for me. I have come to realize that the great divide in values is not between those who believe in God and those who do not but between those who believe in a divine text and those who do not.

The quintessential modern objection to God is that: "I could do a better job than He has."

Posted by Orrin Judd at June 3, 2005 11:14 PM

I always thought it was, "I could never believe in a G-d that ...."

Posted by: David Cohen at June 4, 2005 11:05 AM


Posted by: oj at June 4, 2005 11:28 AM

That is just a euphemism for "I can't (and won't) believe God made me like this".

The world part comes later.

Posted by: jim hamlen at June 4, 2005 9:17 PM

First prize in this year's THE BOOK MUST BE WRONG Competition, the quintessential prize amongst religious objectors world-wide, goes to Harry Eager!

Posted by: Dave W at June 5, 2005 9:51 AM

No self-respecting deity would permit himself to be worshipped by the average Christian (insert Muslim, Jew or whatever).

This is the positive argument against the existence of god, at least if we assume he remains interested in his own creation.

But, then, why would we assume that?

Posted by: Harry Eagar at June 7, 2005 2:48 PM