May 29, 2005

MIRACLE ON 10TH STREET (via Daniel Merriman):

Smithsonian to Screen a Movie That Makes a Case Against Evolution (JOHN SCHWARTZ, 5/28/05, NY Times)

Fossils at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History have been used to prove the theory of evolution. Next month the museum will play host to a film intended to undercut evolution.

The Discovery Institute, a group in Seattle that supports an alternative theory, "intelligent design," is announcing on its Web site that it and the director of the museum "are happy to announce the national premiere and private evening reception" on June 23 for the movie, "The Privileged Planet: The Search for Purpose in the Universe."

The film is a documentary based on a 2004 book by Guillermo Gonzalez, an assistant professor of astronomy at Iowa State University, and Jay W. Richards, a vice president of the Discovery Institute, that makes the case for the hand of a creator in the design of Earth and the universe. [...]

[Museum spokesman, Randall Kremer] said he heard about the event only on Thursday. He added that staff members viewed the film before approving the event to make sure that it complied with the museum's policy, which states that "events of a religious or partisan political nature" are not permitted, along with personal events such as weddings, or fund-raisers, raffles and cash bars. It also states that "all events at the National Museum of Natural History are co-sponsored by the museum."

Which settles the question of whether I.D. is religious in nature.

Posted by Orrin Judd at May 29, 2005 5:14 PM

All this shows is that the ID movement has managed to produce a film that does not explicitly mention a supernatural creator.

Posted by: creeper at May 30, 2005 2:13 AM

The government of the United States says it's not religious, just like Darwinism (though its wrong on both counts).

Posted by: oj at May 30, 2005 7:43 AM

"Which settles the question of whether I.D. is religious in nature."

And is it?

Posted by: creeper at May 30, 2005 8:32 AM

Smithsonian magazine had an article a few months back about the Scopes monkey trial, which managed to portray the residents of Dayton, Tenn., and some people who believe the earth was created about six thousand years ago as something other than mouth-breathing knuckle-dragging inbred ignorami. Predictably, there were two letters in this month's issue deploring the magazine for giving such evil morons a soapbox from which to peddle their heresy. The editors were kind enough to delete the references to Chimpy McBushitler in the letters, though.

Posted by: Random Lawyer at May 30, 2005 12:52 PM

It's a stalking horse for a brand of religion.

It presents itself dishonestly to the general public.

Random ought to read Barbara Forrest's list of DI statements that were captured by the magic of page views that DI is no longer willing to show the public. It's available in Pennock, 'Intelligent Design Creationism & Its Critics.'

Posted by: Harry Eagar at May 30, 2005 7:50 PM

Yes, they're winning.

Posted by: oj at May 30, 2005 7:53 PM

"Yes, they're winning."

Since you think they're wrong, how do you feel about that?

Posted by: creeper at May 30, 2005 8:11 PM


Posted by: oj at May 30, 2005 8:34 PM

Me too.

Posted by: creeper at May 31, 2005 1:01 AM