May 5, 2005


More heat for Tancredo: Rep. Cannon doubts whether Coloradan should be in GOP (M.E. Sprengelmeyer, May 5, 2005, Rocky Mountain News)

Rep. Tom Tancredo ought to reconsider his membership in the Republican Party, a Utah congressman said Wednesday after the two GOP lawmakers put an intraparty rift over immigration policy on full public display.

"I think he ought to consider his views and decide whether they're consistent with the Republican Party," Rep. Chris Cannon, R-Utah, said of the Colorado congressman after the two clashed repeatedly during a forum sponsored by the Latino Coalition, a Hispanic business group.

Red's future is brown, not brownshirt.

Posted by Orrin Judd at May 5, 2005 8:30 AM

If Tancredo leaves the GOP he'll take most of National Review with him.

Posted by: AWW at May 5, 2005 8:49 AM

You can almost feel the Republic trembling...

Posted by: oj at May 5, 2005 9:01 AM

If we fail to police the borders and identify all those who want to police the borders as Nazis, in short order, there will be a lot of Americans willing to identify as Nazis. That Tancredo is a stooge does not mean that there isn't a problem.

Posted by: bart at May 5, 2005 9:09 AM

Americans won't pay to "police" the borders.

Posted by: oj at May 5, 2005 9:30 AM

If you gave the American people a choice of maintaining our NATO presence in Europe or bringing the troops home to police the borders, they would overwhelmingly choose bringing them home to police the borders.

Americans want immigration, but they want orderly immigration. That is an entirely different position from what a Tancredo or a Buchanan want.

Posted by: bart at May 5, 2005 10:16 AM

Amerivcans want to stop paying for killing Arabs, who attacked us. They have no interest in paying to attack Mexicans.

Posted by: oj at May 5, 2005 10:56 AM

The Democrats will assume the nativist position over the next few years, they will do this because their largest constituency the "African Americans" will become antagonistic to Hispanics, as they compete for affirmative action spoils.

Posted by: Robert Schwartz at May 5, 2005 11:09 AM

Barbara Jordan, who was treated like some kind of saint by the Democrats, was far more viciously anti-Hispanic than even Tancredo.

Posted by: bart at May 5, 2005 11:23 AM

I don't want to attack Mexicans either. I'd be quite happy to give them all bus tickets to New Hampshire. Even better, gas coupons and a map for the ones that have cars already.

Posted by: joe shropshire at May 5, 2005 11:32 AM


Amen! So is much of the Black Caucus. In a few years, the Hispanic Caucus will be almost uniformly Republican. Perhaps they should make Tancredo an honorary member.

Posted by: jim hamlen at May 5, 2005 11:56 AM

OK Orrin, here you go via Econopundit: editorial

The Los Angeles Times chimed in with an editorial criticizing the governor for these and other remarks. The newspaper also chided him for failing to see the "humor" in a billboard advertising a Spanish-language newscast.

The billboard, which has since been removed, showed the Angel of Independence, a well-known monument in Mexico City, in the center of the L.A. skyline, with "CA" crossed out after "Los Angeles" and the word "Mexico" in bold red letters put in its place (see photo above).

Posted by: Sandy P. at May 5, 2005 12:03 PM

Sorry, the title of the piece was Los Angeles, Mexico

Posted by: Sandy P. at May 5, 2005 12:05 PM


Who do you think does all the janitorial work and cuts our meat?

Posted by: oj at May 5, 2005 12:52 PM


Of course blacks are anti-Hispanic and vice versa.

Posted by: oj at May 5, 2005 12:53 PM


What's the difference?

Posted by: oj at May 5, 2005 12:54 PM

Did I say anything? Besides, you've got plenty of extra room now that you're sleeping on the roof.

Posted by: joe shropshire at May 5, 2005 1:35 PM