April 10, 2005


Only April 10th and this may be the best game that'll be played this year. It'll be on ESPN Classic by May.

Posted by Orrin Judd at April 10, 2005 2:38 PM

You want something done right, you've got to do it yourself.

Posted by: David Cohen at April 10, 2005 4:09 PM

I'm at work...why is this game so great?

Posted by: Matt Murphy at April 10, 2005 4:50 PM

Pedro through a two hitter retiring the last 17 or so. Smoltz struckout 15 before tiring in the 8th and surrendering a 1-0 lead on a homer by Beltran. Between them they walked one.

Posted by: oj at April 10, 2005 5:23 PM

Pedro threw a 101 pitch complete game, 72 of which were strikes.

Posted by: David Cohen at April 10, 2005 6:32 PM

Holy crap.

I love pitching duels...damn sorry I missed this one!

Posted by: Matt Murphy at April 10, 2005 7:31 PM

Yet another Red Sox pitcher, who management claimed was washed up, goes on to greater glory for another team.

That said, Pedro's prima donna act was wearing thin in Boston.

Posted by: AWW at April 10, 2005 11:10 PM


He's a world-class butthead and I'm sure he's not helpful as far as team unity goes. I'm glad my Yankees didn't wind up with him, no matter how good he is.

Posted by: Matt Murphy at April 11, 2005 12:14 AM

Well, after a week of play, the Mets finally have found the winning formula -- strike out 15 times and lock your bullpen in a closet. And even though Pedro's diva routine was getting very tiring, Red Sox fans have got to be thinking David Wells is some sort of double agent sent up from the Bronx by George Steinbrenner after his first two starts and Pedro's first two outings.

Posted by: John at April 11, 2005 12:34 AM