February 8, 2005


Senate's Reid Blasts GOP 'Hit Piece'
: Democratic leader says Republicans are using a tactic similar to one used to oust his predecessor. (Reuters, February 8, 2005)

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada hit back at the Republican Party on Monday for targeting him with an attack reminiscent of one used to help oust his predecessor, Tom Daschle.

Standing in the Republican-led Senate, Reid called on President Bush to repudiate and pull a "hit piece" against him by the Republican National Committee.

"What they want to do is just like [what] they did to Daschle," Reid said.

Republicans last year effectively branded Daschlea "chief obstructionist" to Bush's agenda on Capitol Hill and persuaded his South Dakota constituents to vote him out of office.

Daschle had served in the Senate for 18 years, his last 10 as Democratic leader.

Reid noted that Bush has called for bipartisanship and said the president telephoned him after the November election and said he wanted to "get along."

"Is President George Bush a man of his word, [or] is what he is telling the American people just a charade?" Reid asked.

One doesn't like to stoop to name-calling, but what a sissy. He and his party have been denouncing every presidential initiative, appointment, and statement since the election and now he wants to hide from his own record behind the skirt of bi-partisanship?

Posted by Orrin Judd at February 8, 2005 12:08 PM

Didn't Daschle do the same thing?

Posted by: David Reeves at February 8, 2005 12:34 PM

This guy was a boxer? In a mining town in Nevada? I haven't seen a boxer this wimpy since Danny Kaye was the Fighting Milkman. Maybe the Lion of Flanders, Jean-Pierre Coopman.

If you are going to engage in obstructionist tactics, you should not be surprised when people call you an obstructionist. He is the leader of the Democrats in the Senate who are obstructing the GOP agenda, using parliamentary nonsense as their weapon, he is their 'chief.' Since they are obstructing and he is their chief, he is therefore the 'chief obstructionist.'

If he wants to be 'bi-partisan', then he should refrain from using dilatory tactics in the Senate against the nominees in exchange for some serious consultation about them with the understanding that the Democrats lost the election and they have to do 90% of the compromising. He should oppose the ones he doesn't like, and ferociously make his case, but he should not frustrate what is the obvious popular will through parliamentary sleight-of-hand.

Also, it would be nice if he would tell the MoveOns and the Moores and the Air Americas to lay off the Bush=Hitler, and the Smirking Chimp stuff.

Posted by: Bart at February 8, 2005 12:34 PM

The Democrats have become Larry Niven's races of cowardly Puppeteers, with Harry Reid as the Hindmost (He Who Leads From Behind).

Posted by: Raoul Ortega at February 8, 2005 12:47 PM

"What they want to do is just like [what] they did to Daschle," Reid said.

Well, you're the guy who volunteered to be the next Tom Daschle. Careful what you wish for, and all that.

Posted by: Mike Morley at February 8, 2005 12:55 PM

Weak Reid.

Posted by: Luciferous at February 8, 2005 1:05 PM

Why haven't the Democrats learned that losing elections doesn't make them victims, just unpopular?

Posted by: Timothy at February 8, 2005 2:56 PM

Brave little Harry, standing, almost alone, against the behemoth......

Posted by: ed at February 8, 2005 3:17 PM

We are a defenseless minority, at the mercy of the dragonous Rpeublicans. Woe, O woe is we! Stop treating is so poorly, you bullies, and see things our way, please.

Posted by: Phil at February 8, 2005 10:10 PM

Let's see, Mr. Reid ... you continue Daschle's obstructionism, announcing you're going to try and block all Bush's initiatives, budget and judical appointments, and then claim you're being unfairly portrayed? Talk about not learning from the past.

Posted by: jd watson at February 9, 2005 12:22 AM