February 3, 2005


Bayh's vote against Rice sure seems like nod to '08 (Andrea Neal, February 2, 2005, Indianapolis Star)

Say it ain't so, Evan. After six years of building your centrist credentials in the Senate, causing even hard-core skeptics like me to brand you the genuine article, you turn around and vote against a distinguished, conservative nominee for secretary of state.

After backing President Bush in the Iraq war, and presenting persuasive arguments for ousting Saddam Hussein, you take a stand against the only administration official who can seamlessly pick up foreign policy where Colin Powell left off.

After boasting on your Web site to be someone who cares more about doing the right thing than the expedient thing, you become one of 13 senators to vote against President Bush's nominee, the largest "no" vote for secretary of state since Henry Clay in 1825.

"A clear signal" he's running for president is how state Sen. Murray Clark, R-Indianapolis, explained Sen. Bayh's surprising vote against confirming Condoleezza Rice, Bush's former national security adviser.

What else could explain why Bayh would risk alienating so many constituents who see Rice as the quintessential American success story, a person whose intellect and capacity for public service have taken her to one of the most powerful positions on the planet?

You'd think he'd have learned something from his father, whose national ambitions as a Democrat left him vulnerable to even a lightweight like Dan Quayle at home.

Posted by Orrin Judd at February 3, 2005 6:23 AM

He saw the buzz Edwards generated, and must be thinking that if he can present just a wee bit more gravity than Pretty Boy, who knows?

Were he up in 2006, however, he wouldn't have dared vote no.

Posted by: jim hamlen at February 3, 2005 10:11 AM

After my short Welsh herding dog has consumed a glass of Chilean Merlot, he still has more gravitas than Edwards.

To be successful in Indiana, Democrats have to be centrist or at least appear centrist. Both parties are heavily dependent on local machines and there really isn't a huge difference in how the state is run under either party. South of I-70, which passes thru Indianapolis, Indiana is a Southern state, Copperhead territory, not dissimilar from Southern Ohio or Kentucky. The large ethnic population in the cities along the Indiana Toll Road, particularly the Gary area and South Bend, exert a pro-American pressure on any Democrat. It was, after all, Democrat Gary Congressman Ray Madden, who held the first Congressional hearings which revealed Soviet responsibility for the Katyn Forest Massacre.

In order to run for the Democratic nomination, Bayh has to appeal to the sources of funds in the party. Increasingly they are on the peacenik, weirdo Left. His father faced the same problem but not as severely, although Birch Bayh was a Vietnam dove.

I want to wait until some of the Defense of Marriage type stuff comes up for a vote. If Evan Bayh decides to jettison his heretofore social moderate/conservative stance, we will know he is running for President and he really doesn't care who gets pissed off back in Indiana, which is a very socially conservative state with large Catholic and Evangelical populations. If he decides to vote on those as he has been, he will be ineligible to get funds from the Left.

Posted by: Bart at February 3, 2005 11:50 AM

Didn't his father die from a brain tumor?

Posted by: Robert Schwartz at February 3, 2005 5:46 PM