February 7, 2005


Testing the waters in N.H.: Tancredo's pilgrimage weighs odds of '08 presidential run (Mike Soraghan, 2/06/05, Denver Post)

It seems ridiculous to think that Tom Tancredo would run for president. And no one knows that better than Tancredo himself.

The congressman from Littleton calls the idea "so audacious in one way, and so idiotic in another."

He's half right.

Posted by Orrin Judd at February 7, 2005 5:16 PM

Nationalizing the 1994 California gubernatorial race and proposition battle by the Republicans is just about the only way the Democrats have of reversing their current losing streak (though fortunately for the GOP, Hillary seems hell-bent in out-Tancredoing Tancredo long before we get to any 2008 primaries).

Posted by: John at February 7, 2005 7:56 PM

Democrats are the natural anti-immigration party.

Posted by: oj at February 7, 2005 8:12 PM

I'm conflicted on the immigration issue: I think immigrants equal lower wages and open borders equal security problems, but if immigrants follow our laws and consider themselves part of our society I'm happy to see them prosper. Per Ben Wattenburg, I also think they are an excellent resource in averting the "birth dearth."

I've got no such conflicted feelings about Tancredo, who BroJudd readers might remember once tried to deport a high school honor student after he got his name in the papers and Tancredo discovered his family was here illegally. Call him "Congressman Javert."

His hatred for Hispanics is spelled out pretty clearly in Barone's Almanac of American Politics. Nominate him and you'll flush that improved GOP Hispanic vote down the toilet.

Posted by: Matt Murphy at February 7, 2005 9:17 PM

OJ: Does that complement isolationism and free trade?

Posted by: Robert Schwartz at February 7, 2005 10:47 PM

Matt Murphy:

The problem is that illegal aliens have already shown they have broken our laws by entering this country illegally. They often don't consider themselves part of our society either.

Posted by: Vince at February 7, 2005 11:23 PM

How can you critcize someone for saying that our laws should be enforced? Should we also disregard all laws that provide that one may not enter upon another's property or sovereign territory without permission?

Posted by: George at February 8, 2005 1:19 AM

Sometimes the law is an ass. The current enforcement regime is entirely unworkable as it is not based in reality.

The problem of illegal immigration is far more sophisticated and intractable than either the 'open borders' or the nativists would have us believe. The labor is needed by our economy or else they wouldn't be here. Latin America, and especially Mexico, produces more workers than jobs so they have a huge social problem which they understandably wish to export here. That's unfair to us, but we're stuck with that reality.

What do the Tancredos of the world want to do? Station the army on the border with Mexico. The army doesn't do due process and immigrants, legal and illegal, are entitled to due process. There is nobody in a position of authority in the military above the rank of Mess Sergeant who wants the Army dealing with immigration. They know it's a mess and it ain't in the job description.

Shoot anyone found sneaking across? Oh yeah, that'll look really good on CNN or MSNBC or Fox. And it will go a really long way to enhancing friendship and stability on that border.(sarcasm intended)

Round up illegals in the US and ship them home? How do we do that? Do we arrest everyone darker than George Clooney, take them to a detention center and find out whether they can eat spicy food, and if they can't we let them go? Do we have millions of policemen stopping ordinary folks on the street several times a day and in their best Leon Askin(Gen. Burkhalter on Hogans Heroes) voice say: 'Your papers, please?'

The Tancredos, Buchanans and disgusting race-baiting Scottish immigrants like Brimelow have nothing to say on this matter once you get past the rhetoric. No ideas, no solutions, nothing. Just racist pap for people too stupid to adjust to the world as it is.

Posted by: Bart at February 8, 2005 7:45 AM


How did you think we acquired America but by ignoring the notion of property?

Posted by: oj at February 8, 2005 7:54 AM


That was called gumption when our anscestors demonstrated it.

Posted by: oj at February 8, 2005 7:58 AM

Put me down for the "GUMPTION" party in 08.

Posted by: Buford T Bilbo at February 8, 2005 8:58 AM

The U.S. did station Marines along the U.S.-Mexico border while Clinton was presdent, but that ended when a 16-year-old on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande was shot and killed back in 1997 because either he was or wasn't deliberately pointing a rifle at a group of Marines he either did or didn't see. They saw him, and the government ended up on the wrong side of a lawsuit and an eventual out-of-court settlement.

Al Gore's college roommate, Tommy Lee Jones, is making a movie about it that should come out sometime later this year. It probably will be sensationalistic to some degree, but the shooting does point up a least one of the potential problems of militarizing the U.S.-Mexico border.

Posted by: John at February 8, 2005 2:10 PM