November 5, 2004


Bush may tap Hispanic and black for key jobs (Charlie Savage, November 6, 2004, Boston Globe)

In the wake of President George W. Bush's re-election, the nation could soon have its first black attorney general and its first Hispanic justice on the Supreme Court, according to Republican insiders with ties to the Justice Department and the White House. [...]

Their overwhelming consensus is that Ashcroft's former deputy attorney general, Larry Thompson, can have the job if he is willing to walk away from a position as a senior vice president at PepsiCo. Thompson, a former federal prosecutor in Atlanta, would become the first black attorney general if nominated by Bush and confirmed by the Senate. [...]

Thompson has also been mentioned as a possible Supreme Court nominee, but many said Bush will move first to put the first Hispanic on the court, suggesting that the White House counsel Alberto Gonzales, a former justice of the Texas Supreme Court, would be his choice.

Gonzales is mistrusted by some liberals for writing a legal memorandum signing off on withholding Geneva Convention protections to detainees in the war on terrorism, but many said his chances are good because he is well liked by Bush and because Democrats may fear trying to block the first Hispanic nominee.

Social conservatives, however, favor Harvie Wilkinson and Michael Luttig, both members of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, based in Richmond, Virginia. Many of Luttig's former clerks went on to work for Thomas and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, and they constitute an influential network.

Janice Rogers Brown should get the next Court vacancy, then Miguel Estrada, then Viet Dinh.

GOP Makes History With Puerto Rican's Election (Jennifer Yachnin, November 4, 2004, Puerto Rico Herald)

A GOP-backed candidate captured Puerto Rico's sole Congressional seat Wednesday, marking the first time in a century the commonwealth will send a Republican to Washington, D.C.

Luis Fortuno, a member of Puerto Rico's New Progressive Party - the island's traditional pro-statehood party that identifies with mainland Republicans - claimed victory in the open-seat race with just 48.5 percent of the vote, edging out his nearest competitor by half a point.

Popular Democratic Party candidate Roberto Prats, a Senator in the commonwealth's Legislature, earned 48 percent but announced Wednesday he would not seek a recount and conceded the race to Fortuno.

The election marked the first time in nearly 40 years that the two major parties have faced off for the post - the commonwealth's nonvoting delegate is officially called the Resident Commissioner and serves a four-year term -and drew unprecedented attention from both the National Republican Congressional Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

"It's really the first time there was a true interest in this race from the national party, because it was the first time there was a real possibility a Republican could be elected," Fortuno said Wednesday.

Posted by Orrin Judd at November 5, 2004 4:52 PM

And for the purists out there who say that Bush shouldn't be appointing these various, more than qualified (but not most qualified), "firsts"— there's no benefit for being second. Once the firsts are out of the way, the line that the GOP are racists will die out on its own, and the racialist Left will be forced to MoveOn™ to something else.

Posted by: Raoul Ortega at November 5, 2004 5:48 PM

Raoul--who is more qualified than Janice Brown?

Posted by: brian at November 5, 2004 6:27 PM

Raoul is right. Bush will probably be filling 4 slots, so there's plenty of time to get Brown in. The first order of business is to nail down the "first _____ appointed to the Supreme Court", and cut the Dems racial demogogery off at the knees.

Two things that Dubya knows:
1) Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.
2) There is no such thing as second place. There is only 1st place (i.e., winner) and everybody else (i.e., losers). Second place was invented so the losers would feel better.

Posted by: ray at November 6, 2004 12:24 AM


brown will be the first black woman.

Posted by: oj at November 6, 2004 8:41 AM