September 18, 2004


Bush makes headway in Missouri
(Jo Mannies, Sep. 17 2004, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

President George W. Bush's emphasis on national security appears to have paid
off in Missouri - especially among women and independent voters.

A new poll for the Post-Dispatch and KMOV-TV (Channel 4) indicates that the
president's improved standing among those two key voting blocs are the major
reasons why he appears now to be heading into the final six weeks of the
campaign with a lead over his Democratic rival, Sen. John Kerry of
Massachusetts, among likely Missouri voters.

"What the Bush people have done right is convince women in this state that Bush
is clearly the better steward in protecting them and their families," said
pollster Del Ali, whose Maryland-based firm, Research 2000, conducted the poll
last week.

Ali credits the GOP's emphasis on security, beginning with its presidential
convention just over two weeks ago. The president and prominent Republicans
campaigning on his behalf repeatedly stress the issue on the stump.

The result: Among 801 likely Missouri voters polled Monday through Thursday, 49
percent supported Bush, compared to 42 percent for Kerry. Nine percent remained

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