September 4, 2004


Convention Helps Bush Gain Undecided Voters: Interviews among a small group show the message on steady leadership and the attacks on Kerry have solidified his standing. (Maria L. La Ganga, September 4, 2004, LA Times)

With its relentless reminders of Sept. 11 and some of the most aggressive speeches of the campaign, the Republican convention helped Bush solidify his standing as a steady leader who can help the country navigate a dangerous world, at least among a small group of undecided voters interviewed Friday. They were among the 5% of the electorate identified by a recent Times Poll as unsure about who to choose as president in November.

For most of them, Bush largely came across as forceful and consistent during the four-day nominating convention in New York, and the majority finished the week either considering a Republican vote in November or pretty firmly in the president's column.

In addition to the convention, which was capped by the president's acceptance speech Thursday night, the undecided voters said they also were nudged by a barrage of negative ads about Kerry. The combination left many of them with a sense that the Democratic candidate could not make up his mind about questions facing the nation.

If, as the chattering class has been whining, the Conventions are nothing more than infomercials these days, the Republicans are lookin' like Ron Popeil.

Posted by Orrin Judd at September 4, 2004 7:59 AM
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