August 24, 2004


Democratic mayor backs Bush (JOE GORMAN, 8/24/04, Tribune Chronicle)

YOUNGSTOWN - Mayor George McKelvey announced Monday that he is endorsing President Bush for re-election in November.

The two-term Democratic mayor, who also has served as 3rd-Ward councilman and county auditor, said he will not switch parties, but may speak at the Republican convention later this month in New York if he can work out the logistics of flying there from a family vacation in the Caribbean.

"I have a 24-hour pass,'' McKelvey joked.

The mayor also added that he may have an opportunity to address the convention if he attends.

McKelvey said he usually does not issue an endorsement during a presidential campaign, but he said he decided to come out publicly for Bush because this election is "the most important of my lifetime.'' [...]

McKelvey said that for more than a century, area voters unflinchingly supported Democrats in national elections and have very little to show for it.

"During the campaign, they promise us they will deliver the beef, and after we give them our overwhelming support, not only do they not give us the beef, we don't even get the bun,'' McKelvey said.

McKelvey also said that Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., Bush's rival for the presidency, has a bad habit of promising everything to voters.

"In my book, when you stand for everything, you stand for nothing,'' McKelvey said.

In other words, Ohio isn't actually in play.

Posted by Orrin Judd at August 24, 2004 3:50 PM

LaShawn Barber linked to this:

Civil rights leaders and black Democrats mercilessly ridicule the Republicans for their plans to parade black gospel choirs, mariachi strollers and American Indian dance groups across the stage at the Republican National Convention in 2000. They call it a cheap publicity stunt to woo black and Latino voters. They’re wrong.

This year the Republican National Committee boasts that minorities will make up a record nearly 20 percent of the delegates at their New York convention. Democrats still insist this is mere GOP flim-flam on diversity….

The Republicans newfound emphasis on diversity, however, is not a political con act. It was forced on them by changing political realities. Blacks, Latinos and Asians now make up nearly one-third of America’s population, and, with increased immigration and their higher birth rates, their population will continue to rise. The current estimate: By 2050, whites will no longer make up the majority of America’s population.

Posted by: Sandy P at August 24, 2004 4:33 PM

This would seem to validate your's and Bush's support for steel tariffs. Which is still bad policy, but who cares about doing what's good for the country, when re-election is at stake.

Posted by: h-man at August 24, 2004 4:33 PM

H-man - the steel tariffs were used to get the votes necessary to get FTA through Congress. Once that was done Bush has been able to negotiate and sign more free trade agreements any recent president. And now there is some movement on reducing farm tariffs at WTO. Yes the steel tariffs was based on a political strategy but it was done with a bigger goal in mind (i.e. sometimes you have spend money to make money).

Posted by: AWW at August 24, 2004 4:59 PM

Let me say publically that I've gotten over the steel tarriffs, which were stupid, because on balance Bush has been a strong force for free trade.

Posted by: Annoying Old Guy at August 24, 2004 6:05 PM


My goodness, won't they take away your libertarian decoder ring?

Posted by: oj at August 24, 2004 9:13 PM

I grew up in Youngstown. Mahoning County is the classic one-party Tammany Hall wannabe community. There are no Republicans ('cause we all moved away!), and the Democrat machine runs everything.

For McKelvey to do this is astounding.

Posted by: Mike Morley at August 24, 2004 9:50 PM

Hugh Hewitt says that Zogby has Ohio going for Bush outside the margin of error.

Posted by: David Cohen at August 25, 2004 7:48 AM

>By 2050, whites will no longer make up the
>majority of America’s population.

So when do we get all of our Special Minority Privileges (TM)?

Posted by: Ken at August 25, 2004 12:30 PM