August 31, 2004


Delegates mock Kerry with 'purple heart' bandages: Democrats: GOP 'mocking our troops' (CNN, August 31, 2004)

Delegates to the Republican National Convention found a new way to take a jab at Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry's Vietnam service record: by sporting adhesive bandages with small purple hearts on them.

Morton Blackwell, a prominent Virginia delegate, has been handing out the heart-covered bandages to delegates, who've worn them on their chins, cheeks, the backs of their hands and other places.

If you were a Democrat mightn't you think it wise to just shut up about the mockability of your candidate?

Posted by Orrin Judd at August 31, 2004 9:00 AM

Ooh, that strikes me as a bad idea. Bush has been carefull to take the high road complementing Kerry on his service, mocking the purple heart, even Kerry's, seems dangerously Ted Rallish.

Posted by: Amos at August 31, 2004 9:19 AM

Agree with Amos - this make cause a bit of a backlash since the media will focus on this and enable them to ignore the strong speeches by McCain and Rudy.

Posted by: AWW at August 31, 2004 9:33 AM

Media backlash is always a bonus for Republicans.

Posted by: oj at August 31, 2004 9:36 AM

I have said that I would just as soon they drop any discussion of medals. So I agree with you.

However you have to admit that 3 purple hearts in 3.5 months in Vietnam, without hospitalization, without drawing blood, is sort of odd. Hemorrhoids?, Migranes? I mean what the heck it is kind of funny.

Posted by: h-man at August 31, 2004 9:39 AM

Agree with OJ. Once the media starts focusing on the band-aids, people will need to know what the joke is. Once they know what the joke is, the media has done a service to those who think Kerry didn't deserve his PHs. It's a win/win.

Posted by: NKR at August 31, 2004 9:41 AM

Heard on NPR that the Repubs have asked him to stop distributing them.

Posted by: The Other Brother at August 31, 2004 11:01 AM

Reminds me of that episode of MASH where Frank Burns puts himself for a Purple Heart for getting a shell fragment in his eye - an egg shell fragment. Of course, the difference is that Frank Burns would have made a much better president than Kerry.

Posted by: Governor Breck at August 31, 2004 12:12 PM

>Reminds me of that episode of MASH where Frank
>Burns puts himself for a Purple Heart for
>getting a shell fragment in his eye - an egg
>shell fragment.

That episode was taken directly from a military urban legend I'd heard in Reader's Digest several years previously.

I've checked a couple other sources, and most agree that in 67-68-69 or so, Purple Hearts were being handed out for any wound or injury, no matter how minor. It apparently got so bad that after Vietnam the military tightened the requirements for a Purple Heart -- I now think the wound has to be serious enough to sideline you for at least two days.

Posted by: Ken at August 31, 2004 12:45 PM

Why do Republican delegates hate veterans?

A little case of envy?

Sad. Pathetic. Sadly pathetic. Pathetically sad.

Posted by: mklutra at August 31, 2004 3:38 PM

Except W looked so cute in his little fly boy suit. No chance of mocking him on that one.

BTW - We cannot win the war on terrorism. Yes we can. No we can't. Yes we can. No we can't. Yes we ....

Steady leadership in times of change. Unless I miscalculated and its all a catastrophic success.

Posted by: mkultra at August 31, 2004 3:41 PM


The genius of the flightsuit was that it mocked the AWOL charge.

Posted by: oj at August 31, 2004 3:52 PM

I wonder why all those veterans who were wearing those bandaids hate veterans. Very odd...

Posted by: Timothy at August 31, 2004 4:46 PM

Those band-aids aren't mocking all veterans, just one in particular.

Posted by: Raoul Ortega at August 31, 2004 8:04 PM

Yes, the Republican party is known for it's hatred of the military.

You better go, Mkultra, I think your UFO is signaling for takeoff.

Posted by: Amos at September 1, 2004 2:34 AM


NB: The "...little boy flight suit..." was required equipment.

Oh, one other thing, they are worn by real men.

Posted by: Jeff Guinn at September 1, 2004 7:19 AM

Can someone identify the episode (by # or date)in which Major Burns gets a purple heart for a "shell fragment" (egg shell)in his eye ?

Posted by: Jack Starn at September 13, 2004 7:19 PM