August 5, 2004


Rebel Cleric Declares 'Revolution' in Iraq: Moqtada Sadr's Militia Attacks U.S.-Led Forces, Shoots Down Marine Corps Helicopter (Jackie Spinner, August 5, 2004, Washington Post)

Rebel cleric Moqtada Sadr declared a "revolution" against U.S.-led security forces in Iraq on Thursday after a fragile month-long truce in the holy city of Najaf ended with clashes that brought down a U.S. helicopter.

Sadr's Mahdi Army militia claimed control of four southern communities, including Basra, Iraq's second largest city. Iraqi officials denied the claim. There was no independent confirmation.

Sadr's call for an uprising is his first significant test of Iraq's new interim government since it took office on June 28 and signals the end to the delicate peace that had settled over Iraq's long-oppressed Shiite majority in the south.

"This is a revolution against the occupation force until we get independence and democracy," Sadr's spokesman, Ahmed Shaybani said in a telephone interview.

Sometimes folks just make you kill them.

Posted by Orrin Judd at August 5, 2004 2:26 PM

I'm not surprised, he wants to be the next Saddam.

Posted by: JR at August 5, 2004 2:32 PM

He needs to be taken care of. It would be better for the Iraq govt to do it than the US - here's their chance.

Posted by: AWW at August 5, 2004 2:43 PM

This time we should just kill him and put an end to it.

Posted by: Chris Durnell at August 5, 2004 3:10 PM

Could it be that his Iranian paymasters told him "win or die"?

Posted by: Annoying Old Guy at August 5, 2004 3:19 PM

AOG: Maybe... guess they're making us kill them too!

Posted by: Just John at August 5, 2004 4:22 PM

So much for Shia democracy.

Posted by: Harry Eagar at August 5, 2004 4:24 PM

Now there's two words that don't belong within shouting distance of each other.

Posted by: Jeff Guinn at August 5, 2004 5:00 PM

The Shi'a want us to kill him.

Posted by: oj at August 5, 2004 6:07 PM

AOG is right - they have to defeat us (or at least George Bush) by the election, or it's all over for the mullahs. They need havoc in Iraq.

Posted by: pj at August 5, 2004 6:13 PM

Sadr is tweaking a very sharp tail. He reminds me of the loutish kid in the back of class, always burping and farting and grunting. His pictures make him look a few chromosomes short of a full set. He will be dead soon, but let's hope we can question him first (and get some of his records).

Posted by: jim hamlen at August 5, 2004 6:38 PM

Why did this loon survive April ?

Posted by: Peter at August 6, 2004 4:09 AM

We chickened out.

Posted by: Harry Eagar at August 6, 2004 2:29 PM


He's a harmless crank with no following, why get his blood on our hands if we can avoid it.

Posted by: oj at August 6, 2004 2:40 PM