August 12, 2004


NewsChannel 4: N.J. Governor McGreevey To Resign (NewsChannel 4, 8/12/04)

NewsChannel 4 has learned that New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey is planning on stepping down from office after more than 2 years of service.

McGreevey, a former prosecutor, came into office vowing to end corruption, but in recent months a number of his political aides and fundraisers have been accused of corruption ranging from alleged payoffs to hiring a prostitute.

McGreevey has not been accused of any wrongdoing, and has denied any wrongdoing in the past.

Should McGreevey indeed leave office, his successor under the state constitution would be Richard Codey, the current president of the state senate.

It'll be interesting to see if he's honest about the real reason why he's leaving.

McGreevey to Discuss Allegations Made by Former Aide (WABC/AP, August 12, 2004)

Reports are that Cipel is expected by state officials to file a sexual harassment suit against McGreevey, most likely in Mercer County Court.

Cipel, a former McGreevey aide, was hired as his homeland security advisor following the Sept. 11th attacks -- but resigned under suspicious circumstances months later.

McGreevey relied on his anti-terrorism credentials to justify hiring Cipel, a 33-year-old Israeli national, as a highly paid adviser.

Cipel, an Israeli citizen, was hired by McGreevey for the $110,000-a-year security post in the governor's office, even though he was ineligible for a federal security clearance. Cipel's appointment as personal homeland security adviser to the governor created a firestorm of criticism, with Republicans and newspaper editorials questioning McGreevey's judgment.

Apparently he had no choice.
-SOME CLARITY (Kevin McCullough, August 12, 2004, WMCA)
Mr. Golan Cipel is filing a sexual harrassment lawsuit today against the Governor. This lawsuit will no doubt delve into some particularly ugly aspects of what happens when a sexually permissive Governor brings on a staff member who in the opinion of voters, and legislators is not qualified to serve in his post.

Mr. Cipel did not have the level of clearance necessary to even allow him to attend Homeland Security briefings for the Federal Government yet McGreevey had hired him better than two years ago as the New Jersey Homeland Security director.

It gets more interesting...Mr. Cipel, when he had resigned his post as New Jersey Homeland Security Director went to work for Charles Kushner who was formerly the chief fund raiser for McGreevey. Kushner was indicted 3 weeks ago on corruption charges in a case involving a New Jersey farm deal in which it is reported that McGreevey would speak in code with the owner of the farm to indicate his decision on which way he was leaning. The indictment stated that the Governor would use terms from Machiavelli. On three seperate occassions the feds wired up the farms owner and captured audio of McGreevey doing just that.

Mr. Kushner's indictment named Public Official one as being involved in the scandal but did not name McGreevey by name. What is unclear is...

Did Mr. Kushner - who already had a history of sending prostitutes to people as a way of entrapment and blackmail - decide to turn the sex wedge against McGreevey in exchange for the Governor refusing to pardon him in the federal investigation? Certainly with Cipel working with Kushner the idea and goods would have been known and discussed in terms of ways that kind of plot could be pulled off...

Kushner is also a heavy fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, and has even raised funds for John Kerry...

-In McGreevey's Words: 'I am a Gay American' (8/12/04)
Following is the full text of a speech by Governor James E. McGreevey of New Jersey, as recorded by e-Media Millworks.

Good afternoon. Throughout my life, I have grappled with my own identity, who I am. As a young child, I often felt ambivalent about myself, in fact, confused.

By virtue of my traditions, and my community, I worked hard to ensure that I was accepted as part of the traditional family of America. I married my first wife, Carrie, out of respect and love. And together, we have a wonderful, extraordinary daughter. Carrie then chose to return to British Columbia.

I then had the blessing of marrying Dina, whose love and joy for life has been an incredible source of strength for me. And together, we have the most beautiful daughter.

Yet, from my early days in school, until the present day, I acknowledged some feelings, a certain sense that separated me from others. But because of my resolve, and also thinking that I was doing the right thing, I forced what I thought was an acceptable reality onto myself, a reality which is layered and layered with all the, quote, good things, and all the, quote, right things of typical adolescent and adult behavior.

Yet, at my most reflective, maybe even spiritual level, there were points in my life when I began to question what an acceptable reality really meant for me. Were there realities from which I was running? Which master was I trying to serve?

I do not believe that God tortures any person simply for its own sake. I believe that God enables all things to work for the greater good. And this, the 47th year of my life, is arguably too late to have this discussion. But it is here, and it is now.

At a point in every person's life, one has to look deeply into the mirror of one's soul and decide one's unique truth in the world, not as we may want to see it or hope to see it, but as it is.

And so my truth is that I am a gay American.

Ah, modernity, where we each get our own truth...

Posted by Orrin Judd at August 12, 2004 3:45 PM

Gee. First the Torch and now McGreevey. I'm beginning to think that the Dems are pretty corrupt in the Garden State.

Posted by: pchuck at August 12, 2004 4:24 PM

He has a torchsong problem.

Posted by: oj at August 12, 2004 4:33 PM

Can Lautenberg be both Senator and Govenor at the same time?

Posted by: Robert Schwartz at August 12, 2004 4:33 PM

Why wasn't he announcing his divorce instead of his resignation?

Posted by: Fred Jacobsen (San Fran) at August 12, 2004 4:46 PM

He's got a bit of Torch in him also--apparently if he'd resigned effective today there'd have been a special election in November, by putting off his resignation until mid-November the Democrats avoid that. For his last act he buggered the citizens of the state.

Posted by: oj at August 12, 2004 4:47 PM


If you follow the link he was diverting state money to his gay lover. Everyone in politics in NJ has known this for some time--note the story refers to the "closet"--but the civil suit that has now been filed will make it all public.

Posted by: oj at August 12, 2004 4:51 PM

he was diverting state money to his gay lover

No wonder he felt the need to increase taxes.

Posted by: Mike Morley at August 12, 2004 5:50 PM

Over at Moonbat Central--oops, I meant to say "Democrat Underground"--but I repeat myself--they've alreay figured out the story behind the story:

. . . this gay man who's accusing him of rape is probably a Republican fright-wing plant who seduced the Governor merely to turn around and falsely claim rape in a lawsuit and expose and destroy the Governor's career and family relations.

That's typical right wing tactics, folks. Nothing else about this makes any sense. Unless the Governor knew he was about to be exposed by this guy either through the press or a frivolous lawsuit, there would be no reason for him to step down at this time.

He obviously has been threatened, and didn't want to put his wife and children through all the media harassment if he remained in office.

Man, how does that Karl Rove do it?

Posted by: Mike Morley at August 12, 2004 5:56 PM

In the previous post, all three paragraphs following the colon should be in italics; all are quotes from the DU poster.

@#$%^& HTML tags!

Posted by: Mike Morley at August 12, 2004 6:00 PM


I posted my comment after viewing the press conference, but before you posted the article in the update. It clears most things up, except: What kind of man would would drag his wife to the podium to suffer through his sordid little tale? The wife should immediately see a doctor and divorce lawyer, in that order.

Posted by: Fred Jacobsen (San Fran) at August 12, 2004 6:00 PM


"Seduced" the governor is a nice touch. Was he straight until then?

Posted by: oj at August 12, 2004 6:02 PM

And who said there is no such thing as Gay Marriage?

Posted by: Robert Schwartz at August 12, 2004 6:14 PM

Most politicans try to put their mistresses into lower-profile jobs than the director of the state's Department of Homeland Security. But given McGreevey's unpopularity before the announcement, it will be interesting to see if his removal from the spotlight helps Kerry's chances in the fall the same way the Toricelli option two years ago bailed out N.J. Democrats in the Senate race.

Posted by: John at August 12, 2004 6:15 PM

All laughter aside, the fact that the governor of
a state which is currently under a terrorism alert, who was being blackmailed by a gay Israeli;
who was his homeland defense advisor;shades of Ellen Rometsch

Posted by: narciso at August 12, 2004 6:38 PM

He was from Israel, but he is an Arab.

Posted by: Robert Duquette at August 12, 2004 7:57 PM

In 1963, German born Ellen Rometsch became one of the White House pool party girls. Rometsch was 27, beautiful, and a prostitute when she met JFK. As a youth and young adult she was a member of the Communist Party.

Posted by: Robert Schwartz at August 12, 2004 8:26 PM

Not just a "gay American"; he's a "corrupt, sloppy, stupid gay American who thinks with his ****".

A gay politician who has to resign due to embarrassment, scandal, and lawsuits; what are the odds?

Posted by: Jeff Brokaw at August 12, 2004 8:34 PM

This sets up the governorship for Bill Clinton to be followed by the Senate and then the Supreme Court depending on the administration. We can expect the former president to be in the national spotlight for the next 25 years.

Posted by: Pilgrim at August 12, 2004 8:39 PM

John - good point. A recent poll had Bush within 2 of Kerry (although another recent poll has Kerry +20). Dissatisfaction with McGreevey could have helped Bush in NJ.
Pilgrim - Clinton as governor of NJ and then to the Senate to join Hillary (if she wins in '06?) Dear god no.

Posted by: AWW at August 12, 2004 9:35 PM

Robert Duquette - "He was from Israel, but he is an Arab."

Cipel is Jewish.

narciso --

A sinister plot by Israel's Mossad? Yeah right -- probably the same unit that sent Monica Lewinski after Bill Clinton, and is talking to me via a tooth filling.

Both McGreevey and Cipel have defrauded the people of New Jersey. Years in jail for the two of them.

Posted by: tictoc at August 13, 2004 7:57 AM


Why reward them?

Posted by: oj at August 13, 2004 8:02 AM

Perhaps this is why McGreevey stopped going to church several months ago.

Posted by: jim hamlen at August 13, 2004 8:05 AM