April 30, 2004


GOP boosts number of legislative candidates (Yvonne Abraham, April 30, 2004, Boston Globe)

The state GOP said yesterday that 133 Republican hopefuls filed papers to run for legislative offices this week, making good on Governor Mitt Romney's pledge to recruit candidates to run against Democratic incumbents, who dominate Beacon Hill.

The party expects that those 133 Republicans will be running in roughly 130 districts this November. That total, which includes the 25 GOP incumbents running for reelection in the Senate and the House, is the highest tally of Republican candidates since 1990, said state Republican Party executive director Dominick Ianno. Candidate signatures have yet to be certified, and some hopefuls may not qualify for the ballot. Still, fully six months before a ballot is cast, Ianno claimed a victory yesterday for Romney.

"There are a lot of people running, and we're still compiling them, there are so many," Ianno said. "We have a strong leader, and a strong message of reform. We went out and talked to hundreds and hundreds of potential candidates. We talked to people who have been involved in politics and who haven't been involved in politics. We were able to convince people we need reform, and people were willing to sign on, and run under the banner of the reform team."

In some cases, Romney called potential candidates personally to persuade them to run.

"He really did a good job of closing the deal," Ianno said of the governor. [...]

The party threw its weight behind Representative Scott P. Brown in a recent special election to succeed Senator Cheryl Jacques, a Needham Democrat, raising more than $100,000 for the Wrentham Republican. Romney appeared with Brown in the district several times, and the party has seen Brown's victory in that race as a sign of things to come.

Rob Cunningham, who managed Brown's campaign, and who is now managing the Senate campaign of Falmouth lawyer Tim Duncan, said his new candidate expects plenty of help. Duncan, a former volunteer on Romney's gubernatorial campaign, will be making his first run for office, against Senate Ways and Means chairwoman Therese Murray.

Bad enough when Al Gore was reduced to campaigning in TN (and lost), but consider that the Democrats will have to put effort into MA while the GOP is picking up numerous House seats effortlessly in TX.

Posted by Orrin Judd at April 30, 2004 4:26 PM

Now letís add to the fun.

My mother, ardent California Democrat that she is, is stunned by the professional performance that Mr. Schwarzenegger is turning in over there. She also says the economy is now beginning to warm up over there finally.

So by September, the California economy is in recovery, along with the rest of us, after one year in office of a very high profile and surprisingly savvy new Republican governor (Republican politician? Savvy? Canny? Dare we sayÖ. Nuanced? Canít be!)

That puts Cully-vornia into play now, big time.

Fortunately for Kerry, itís only a small state with minor media markets, little cultural resonance, and shouldnít take a whole lot of money to contest.


Posted by: Andrew X at April 30, 2004 4:59 PM