April 26, 2004


Thousands protest legalizing same-sex marriage: Asian Americans, Christians rally in Sunset District (Ulysses Torassa, April 26, 2004, San Francisco Chronicle)

A largely Asian American and Christian crowd of more than 7,000 rallied Sunday in San Francisco's Sunset District to protest the legalization of same-sex marriage, saying it goes against the Bible and threatens the future of families and society.

Most were dressed in identical red T-shirts with the slogan, "Marriage/1 man + 1 woman" in English and Chinese. Protesters fanned out along 19th Avenue, between Quintara Street and Holloway Avenue, asking motorists to honk in favor of keeping marriage exclusively for heterosexual couples. Many did, but most just drove by.

"We're not here today to antagonize or to hate people, we're here with true love and true concern," Thomas Wang, of the Great Commission Center International, a South San Francisco missionary organization, said to the sun- soaked crowd at Larsen Park. "God created one man and one woman -- Adam and Eve. They became husband and wife and the first human family began. ... We believe any deviation from it will bring disastrous results.'' [...]

Billed as a rally to showcase support among Christians in all ethnic communities, most of the organizers and the majority of participants were Chinese Americans. The instructions were written in Chinese and English and the crowd was addressed in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Organizers said the event drew members of more than 150 Bay Area churches.

Organizers said they wanted to emphasize a positive message in favor of traditional marriage and asked participants to refer all reporters' questions to official spokespeople. Joy Kao of San Francisco's Chinatown, who was with a group from the Chinatown Presbyterian Church, said, "We don't feel (same-sex marriage) is a threat, we're just here to voice our opinion," she said. "It's not good as an example for the children.''

Asian Americans represent a socially conservative community in which the GOP should be able to make inroads.

Posted by Orrin Judd at April 26, 2004 11:39 PM

That was nice post. I've lived and worked here in China (major US Oil)for nearly 8 years now and have come to appreciate the National's moral standards. I can understand them getting to the US and adhering to the conservative community, but was good to read about anyway.

Before anyone scolds me let me remind you I refer to the common folks and not the gov.

Posted by: Tom Wall at April 27, 2004 12:03 AM