April 27, 2004


Job Outlook Beefs Up Consumer Confidence (Amanda Cooper, 4/27/04, Reuters)

Americans were more upbeat in April about finding a job than they have been in almost 18 months, causing markets to quickly shift focus to next week's influential report on the U.S. employment situation.

Also consumers bought a near-record number of homes last month, adding to views the U.S. economy now might finally be in a bonafide expansion since it began its choppy recovery from recession in 2001.

Optimism among manufacturers about the economy and the business outlook is also near record levels another report from the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) showed on Tuesday.

The positive news about jobs seemed to more than offset economists' concerns that soaring gasoline prices, bloodshed in Iraq and a recent pull-back in share prices might dent consumer confidence.

The Conference Board, a business group based in New York, said on Tuesday its index of consumer confidence rose to 92.9 in April from 88.3 in March, its highest since January.

More to the point, the jobs-hard-to-get index within the group's survey fell to 27.6 in April from 29.9 in the month before, its lowest since November 2002.

If this election were a Little League game they'd stop it. This is just going to be humiliating.

Posted by Orrin Judd at April 27, 2004 1:18 PM

Here's a thought:

Let's say you're right, OJ, about Bush taking 40+ states. With the paranoid state that the left is in, wouldn't this inevitably lead decently large swathes of the left to declare the election a fraud?

Admittedly, they'll do that regardless of the margin of victory. But the more states Bush takes, the more it will be compared to Saddam's 100% victories in Iraq. If Bush somehow takes 50 states, then it is almost certain that a fair amount of leftists will be convinced (for real this time) that we're in a fascist state (no, this time they mean it!) and there will be a real possibility of violence.

Any thoughts?

Posted by: Timothy at April 27, 2004 3:17 PM

Doesn't this just say it all (courtesy Rasmussen):

Eighty-one percent (81%) of Bush voters also believe the world would be better if other nations were more like the United States. This view is shared by just 48% of Kerry voters.

If this were Little League, half of one team wouldn't even know what team they're on.

Posted by: AC at April 27, 2004 3:40 PM

Timothy - I understand where you are coming from (the left is deranged) but I can't see that happening. The most optimistic Bush estimate is 60% which still leaves 40% voting against him - hardly the sign of a totalitarian state. And if 60-40 is a totalitarian result then what about 1984 and 1972 when the GOP won big? And how can they argue totalitarianism if their votes are cast and counted? There will be some on the left who go nuts but hopefully most will realize that they are out of sync with the rest of the country.

Posted by: AWW at April 27, 2004 3:53 PM

No, it shouldn't be stopped no matter what.

Hasn't it been said many times with respect to the ME battles/wars that the enemy must be throughly beaten so that he knows that he really and truly lost. Ditto with the left/liberals in the Democratic Party. They need to lose big time.

Posted by: fred at April 27, 2004 4:44 PM

Here's another priceless bit from the article: The author says
the economy "might" be in an expansion now. Actually, we have been
for rather more than 18 months now. (Maybe more than
two years; I forget).

Think Reuters would make this mistake if a Democrat were running
for reelection?

Posted by: Tom at April 27, 2004 5:11 PM

It'll only get worse, Orrin. Watch for Thursday's 1Q04 GDP to be a 'blow out' number too.

Posted by: John Resnick at April 27, 2004 7:47 PM

Think of it as "creative destruction."

Posted by: Bob Hawkins at April 27, 2004 9:19 PM

AWW, I think you're being optimistic. The proof that all the votes were counted is if a Democratic wins (FL proved that).

Posted by: Chris B at April 27, 2004 10:32 PM