September 6, 2002


"Orrin, give this man his Ike biography!" (Chris Durnell, 9/05/02)
I entered Dr. Strangelove as my contestant. The esteemed Mr. Judd replied, "Is that a comedy? I always took it literally."

Of course, this may be a joke on his part. However, I'm willing to forgoe my usual sense of irony in order to win the big, bad book on Eisenhower he's offered to give away. Therefore, I'm writing an open letter to the blogosphere in the hopes of getting support that Dr. Strangelove is in fact, a comedy.

Hopefully, "Orrin, give this man his Ike biography!" will become as renown as the Open Letter to the Iranian People.

I'm counting on you!!

We did receive another nomination of Dr. Strangelove, but here's what I wrote: "Someone else suggested Strangelove too. I think two things mitigate against it--first, it's mostly a send up of precisely the kind of big government bureaucratic mindset that conservatism opposes. It was after all Ike who warned against the military-industrial complex. Second, and here I imagine that few would agree with me, the nutty generals are right. We should have just gone ahead and attacked. I've always viewed it as a docudrama rather than a comedy."
Posted by Orrin Judd at September 6, 2002 12:28 PM
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