August 21, 2023


Forget AI - a $100 trillion investment opportunity awaits in clean energy, Schroders says (Joseph Wilkins Aug 17, 2023, Business Insider)

While investor excitement this year has mostly centered around the capabilities of artificial intelligence and technology, Mark Lacy and David Boyce see enormous potential in the clean energy sector. 

Speaking on The Investor Download podcast, Lacy said that there is "comfortably over $2 trillion per annum" feeding into the energy transition market. 

"That's outside of the traditional oil and gas market, and that's a cumulative comfortably of $100 trillion over the 2020 to 2050 period," he said.  [...]

Last month, the International Energy Association reported that the amount of capital investment flowing into the solar sector is set to overtake the amount in oil production for the first time. 

According to the IEA, solar investments are expected to top $1 billion a day in 2023 with over $1.7 trillion slated to flow into clean-energy technologies such as EVs, renewables and storage. Overall, global investment in energy is projected to hit about $2.8 trillion in the current year. 

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