December 23, 2022


Will stoking Islamophobia help reverse France's international decline?  (Rayan Freschi, eDecember 23, 2022, MEMO)

On 9 November this year, the state unveiled the latest version of the National Strategic Review. The document outlines a list of ten strategic objectives in order for the nation to safeguard its sovereignty and reassert its influence.

Second in the list is the objective of a more "united and resilient France". The review goes on to further detail what this broad expression entails: "This effort must be deployed in metropolitan and overseas France, particularly by promoting the spirit of defence and ensuring national cohesion."

Interestingly, strengthening the "resilience of society" - according to the review - is directly linked to the "transmission of republican values". This point deserves a proper analysis. It is a direct answer to an observation expressed in the 2017 version of the review: "National cohesion conditions the legitimacy of the action of the armed forces through the Nation's support for decisions to use force. Today, this cohesion is confronted with the spread of ideologies that challenge the values and principles of the Republic." (emphasis added)

One must be cognizant of the French political context, "the values and principles of the Republic" are mainly used to oppose the constructed notion of "Islamist separatism" - often used to mask the targeting of Islam and Muslims by the state.

This conflict escalated to the closure of numerous Islamic schools and mosques, and fear-mongering over "religious attire" worn by Muslims in public schools - all justified, according to the state, by the need to protect and implement 'Republican values'.

As a natural consequence of this reasoning, Islam and Muslims are overt factors undermining 'cohesion' and 'resilience'. In other words, according to France's policy makers, France's success on the international stage can be undermined by a minority's way of life.

Two centuries of decline and they can't figure out that Frenchness is the cancer?

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