November 20, 2022


Poll: US Jews overwhelmingly backed Democrats in midterms (Yonat Shimron, 11/10/22, RNS)

Mastriano seemed most frightening of all: A pro-Trump Christian nationalist (though he dismissed the label) and 2020 election denier, the state senator from Gettysburg had shown himself to be intolerant of religious minorities and his campaign had paid an antisemitic right wing activist as a consultant.

As in the past, Jews across the country voted overwhelmingly for Democratic candidates -- 74% to 25%, according to a new exit poll of 800 registered Jewish voters sponsored by the pro-Israel group J Street. But this year their votes were as much against something or someone -- as in the case of Mastriano. The J Street poll showed that a whopping 97% of American Jews said they were concerned about antisemitism.

They also laid the blame for rising antisemitism at the feet of Trump and the Republican Party. The poll, conducted Nov. 1-8, found that 76% of Jews believe Trump and his Republican allies are directly responsible for the rise in antisemitism and white supremacy in the United States. On another question, 74% of U.S. Jews said Trump and the "Make America Great Again" movement are a "threat to Jews in America."

"There is a new element of the Jewish vote that takes place in the aftermath of Charlottesville and Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol and the high-profile antisemitism taking place in the country right now," said Jim Gerstein, founding partner of GBAO Strategies, which conducted the poll for J Street. "It frightens people and introduces a new dynamic."

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