November 28, 2022


The next Congress will be the most racially diverse ever, and an evolving Republican Party gets some of the credit (Shannon Coan,  November 27, 2022, Boston Globe)

[W]hile the Hispanic and LGBTQ congressional delegations will be the largest in history, the representation of other demographic groups -- including women, Asian Americans or Pacific Islanders, and Indigenous people -- stayed relatively steady and remain vastly underrepresented in Congress.

Ensuring that Congress matches the nation's diversity will require that political parties support diverse candidates and then give them the resources to succeed once they reach Capitol Hill, Reynolds said.

"This is sort of like a supply and demand problem," she said. "I think that [these steps] will then have follow-up effects where more prospective members from diverse backgrounds want to run and hopefully win."

Chavez-DeRemer saw those principles at play in her own election and believes that the GOP can use them to catch up to the Democrats in terms of diversity.

"You're seeing, I think, a reflection of what the Republican Party is today, and that's going to be directly relatable to our constituencies. They see somebody that is like them," she said. "We're excited as a Republican freshmen class to be that diverse in representing all of our districts well."

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