September 21, 2022


Trump's Business Empire Could Be Crushed With New Lawsuit (Greg Walters, September 21, 2022, Vice News)

If New York's attorney general gets her way, former President Donald Trump will be drummed out of her state as a businessman almost completely.

That's because her massive $250 million lawsuit against Trump, his company, and his adult children effectively seeks to eradicate them from New York's commercial scene, and in particular, the industry where Trump made his name: real estate.

Victory for NY Attorney General Letitia James would mean banning Trump and three of his kids--Eric, Don Jr., and Ivanka--from running a company based in New York. James wants to block Trump and his family business from buying any New York real estate for five years, and install an independent monitor to oversee all of the company's business activities, including its financial reporting and statements to banks and tax authorities.

In short, James set out Tuesday to obliterate his image as a savvy entrepreneur--one that Trump spent decades cultivating through a series of splashy deals, a hit reality show, and finally a bid for the presidency based on the promise of his self-avowed skills as a negotiator. 

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