January 11, 2021


Growing GOP problem: Powerlessness (Mike Allen, Jim VandeHei, 1/11/21, Axios)

Conservatives long ago lost so many key institutions that define the national conversation, including culture, media and higher education.

But since 1980, the party had political power and policy-making capability.
Now, President Trump has cost Republicans those tools, and the party will have to rebuild around new people and ideas.

Principled Conservative opposition to Identitarianism has been based for decades on the universality of the Founding and the faith that society is and should be color blind.  This is the mainstream American culture that we sat so comfortably in.

Trumpism is, of course, an Identitarian response not just to Left Identitarianism but thereby to American culture itself.  One can hardly be surprised that the culture rejects this counter-culture ideology.

And, as Andrew Breitbart said, "Politics is downstream from Culture." 

To precisely the extent that conservatism and the GOP are identified as hostile to traditional American culture we will quite properly be excluded from both. 


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