November 5, 2020


Thousands of Omaha-area voters backed Democrat Biden, Republican Bacon (Joseph Morton, Henry Cordes, Nov 5, 2020, Omaha Herald)

Jay C. Jackson describes himself as a pro-life Republican whose Papillion yard sported campaign signs this cycle for Rep. Don Bacon and Sen. Ben Sasse.

Next to that pair of Nebraska Republicans, however, was another sign featuring Abraham Lincoln in Aviator sunglasses and the slogan "Ridin' with Biden."

"My wife and I have always felt there are bigger things than policies that are involved in this election and that President Trump was not somebody that we could vote for," Jackson said.

Jackson was one of many "Biden-Bacon" voters in Nebraska's Omaha-based 2nd District who decided to split their 2020 tickets. That group was key to Bacon defeating his Democratic challenger, Kara Eastman, by several percentage points and securing a third term in Congress even as Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden won the district and its lone Electoral College vote.

In all, Eastman underperformed Biden's numbers by nearly 20,000 votes. She was able to stick close with the former vice president in heavily Democratic areas such as North Omaha. But she received about 4,000 fewer votes than Biden did in Sarpy County, a Republican-heavy area where voters such as Jackson live, and even in many precincts where both Biden and Eastman prevailed, her vote totals lagged his.

In Douglas County, Biden and Eastman both easily carried a precinct just north of Memorial Park, for example, but Eastman failed to run up the score there as much as Biden did. Instead she fell short of Biden's performance by about 10 percentage points. A precinct that includes much of the Candlewood neighborhood in west Omaha also showed the difference. Trump edged out Biden, who got about 48% of the vote. But Eastman fared much worse, receiving only 38%.

Jackson said he has moderate views on certain issues but generally favors traditional Republican platform positions such as smaller government and religious freedom -- making it easy to back Bacon and Sasse.

The five most popular governors in America are Republicans and Donald got annihilated in four of their states.

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