October 16, 2020


Rudy's Latest Variation On The Same Dirty Trick That Got Trump Impeached (Joe Conason, October 16 | 2020, National Memo)

Verifying the emails might have proved difficult because, as served up by Giuliani, their images lack identifying marks to establish firmly who sent them, who received them, and when this exchange might have happened. In fact, a close examination of the typefaces on the email by bloggers Brian and Eddie Krassenstein raises strong suspicions of forgery.

Writing for Medium, the Krassensteins note "the tremendous clarity of the text, when compared to the 'VP' gmail icon in the upper right-hand corner." By zooming in on the PDF published by the Post, they explain, it is easy to see that the file text "remains crystal clear, yet the gmail icon for 'VP' gets extremely pixelated. ... This is the hallmark of email alterations. There is no reason that the gmail icon should be of a different resolution than the text on the same document, unless of course the icon or the text were photoshopped in."

The Daily Beast reported that metadata on "the PDF files purporting to show [Hunter] Biden's emails ... suggest they were created on a Mac laptop" in September and October of 2019, whereas Biden supposedly had dropped off his laptop at the Delaware shop in April 2019. (He was then living in Los Angeles, not Delaware.) But that date coincides with Giuliani's trolling for dirt in Ukraine.

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