September 5, 2020


Republicans vs. Imaginary Biden: Fighting a far left opponent despite not having one (Nicholas Grossman, Sep 5, 2020, ArcDigital)

His policies are moderate and relatively pro-market. As with Obama, the socialist left doesn't like Biden. Some denounce him as a tool of Wall Street.

He's an old white Catholic man with an established blue color image -- originally from Scranton, rode the train to Delaware to be with his kids, jokes in The Onion about washing his trans am -- which doesn't make for a good culture war enemy.

He supports some social justice -- for example, speaking in favor of peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters -- but proposes increasing, not defunding, police budgets, and speaks out against looting and rioting.

On race and gender, he is, again, an old white man. The social justice left backed other candidates in the primary. At the first debate, Kamala Harris tried to cancel him as a racist. Katie Halper, Ryan Grim, and other left media figures who amplified Tara Reade's accusation tried to cancel him as a rapist. Critics of social justice joined in, aiming to prove the flaws in #BelieveWomen by holding those who said it, including Biden, to their own standard. Sensing an opportunity to hurt Biden, loud parts of the online right and left piled on.

The attacks on racial issues went nowhere -- Obama's VP a racist? -- and Reade's accusations lost credibility the more reporters looked into them. Biden won the nomination earlier and more easily than Hillary or Obama.

Joe Biden is, in short, not the Left. And Democratic voters' decision to back him over more left-wing options -- of both socialist and social justice varieties -- shows that the party isn't dominated by the Left either.

It's essentially the GOP presidential primary of 1992: Pat Buchanan vs GHWB.

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