August 20, 2020


Scoop: Jon Meacham to speak on Democratic convention's last night (Mike Allen, 8/20/20, Axios)

Meacham speaks from his library, surrounded by photos and posters from past presidential campaigns -- including a portrait of Lewis, Meacham's latest subject ("His Truth Is Marching On," out Tuesday).

"By habit, I see the world historically and theologically," said Meacham, a devout Episcopalian and author of 10 books. "History and theology tell us we're at our best when we look outward rather than inward."

Meacham's roots are in journalism: He said he's voted for candidates of both parties, and has never endorsed a candidate before.

"This president poses such a clear and present danger to the things we should value most that I think it's incumbent on all of us who believe that to say something."

"Joe Biden is a good man. We need him."

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