August 8, 2020


'Like Groundhog Day': Republicans fret over Trump's fading fortunes ( NANCY COOK, 08/08/2020, Politico)

Recent national polls show Trump trailing Biden by anywhere from 3 to 10 percentage points, with swing states like Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania increasingly up for grabs. Some Republican donors and outside groups are even focusing their attention away from the White House to holding on to the Republican majority in the Senate, according to three Republicans close to the White House. Several Trump allies acknowledge if the election was held today, Trump would likely lose.

"It is kind of like Groundhog Day," said one of the Republicans close to the White House. "You think it's better, but then it is not." [...]

Several White House and administration officials have also started to reach out to other Republicans to try to find jobs in the private sector as quickly as possible -- both because they feel their roles inside the White House have diminished and because there is consternation that they need to find new gigs in case Trump loses in November, drying up the market for Trump-connected aides. [...]

Some outside conservative groups and donors are increasingly turning their attention and money away from Trump and toward maintaining Republican control of the Senate. But longtime operatives say it will be impossible to divorce Trump's policies, proclamations and tweets from the fate of Republican senators, several of whom now occupy vulnerable seats in Colorado, Maine and Iowa.

"Back in the winter and spring, donors poured everything into Trump," said a second Republican close to the White House. "But now all they are thinking about is the Senate. The Senate is the Alamo right now."

How'd trying to hold the Alamo work out?

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