August 10, 2020


As Trump falters, Democrats and Biden eye an elusive prize: Texas (Joseph Ax, 8/10/20, Reuters) 

In recent weeks, Joe Biden's campaign has aired television ads specifically aimed at Texans - the first time a Democratic presidential candidate has done so in a quarter-century, according to the state party - and made its first hires there.

Texas is among the states targeted by a $280 million fall advertising blitz the campaign unveiled last week, part of a broader strategy aimed at putting Republican-leaning states, including Georgia, Iowa and Ohio, in play ahead of the Nov. 3 election against the Republican Trump.

With polls showing Biden holding a national lead over Trump and effectively tied in Texas, Democrats say a concerted effort in the state could expand his viable paths to the White House. [...]

Democratic officials argue even a modest investment could pay dividends by forcing Trump to divert money from other states, while benefiting down-ballot candidates.

Democrats need to flip nine seats in the Texas state assembly to take control in 2021, when the state will redraw congressional district lines for the next decade. The state also has several hotly contested congressional campaigns as well as a potentially competitive Senate race.

Democratic state officials, state lawmakers and congressional members have pressed their case with the Biden campaign, according to interviews with multiple officials. Many point to Democratic Senate candidate Beto O'Rourke's unexpectedly strong finish in 2018, when he came within three percentage points of unseating Republican Ted Cruz.

The effort the GOP has to expand just to try and hold TX means Donald won't even be competing for the states he barely won last time.  

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