July 5, 2020


Trump's failing culture wars (Shane Savitsky, 7/05/20, Axios)

Google Trends data shows Trump's "Sleepy Joe" name-calling isn't generating nearly the buzz "Crooked Hillary" (or "Little Marco") did in 2016. Base voters who relished doubting President Obama's birth certificate aren't questioning Biden's. [...]

Other factors are working against Trump's playbook. Tech platforms are increasingly moving to shut down hate speech and flag misinformation, killing the sources of some of Trump's favorite conspiratorial material.
And search metrics suggest that for the most part, a nation with more than 125,000 dead from the coronavirus has less patience for the president's usual tactics.

Trump's attempts to find an alternate culture-war footing -- highlighted by his Mount Rushmore speech on Friday -- with Confederate statues and police defunding appear to face their own limits.

Google Trends data shows that searches for "coronavirus" are far outpacing those for "statues," "police" and "antifa."

The president's disconnect with popular sentiment on two issues of the day -- the virus and protests against structural racism -- have led to some self-inflicted wounds, including his sparsely-attended rally in Tulsa and his tweet about an elderly Buffalo protester being shoved by police.

Trump's continued attack line about Biden "not leaving his basement" hasn't taken hold measurably with voters, according to the search data. Biden's actions in terms of social distancing largely align with a majority of voters' own anxieties.

America has already moved on from Donald; he's just playing out the string.  When hate speech bans harm your campaign you know you oughtn't lead America.

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