June 25, 2020


The US has reached a tipping point: The Southern 'rebels' who fought to keep slavery are finally being recognised for what they really are: traitors. (Larry Beinhart, 6/25/20, Al Jazeera)

Those that we were taught to be heroes - not just in the South, in West Point, in our high schools - are now recognised as traitors. It is as shocking as it is true. It has suddenly become not only undeniable, but also unevadable, that they fought for slavery. 

We have reached a tipping point. It is partly because Trump has taken the worst of our political nature to the point of absurdity. It is partly because COVID-19 has exploded the myth that we do not need government and shown us that inept governance kills people. It is partly because everyone has cameras and they have exposed the police state. That third is, of course, the one that comes most directly from the legacy of slavery and the racism needed to live with it.

But it is the toppling of the statues, the renaming of the bases, and saying out loud that the "heroes" of the South were actually traitors fighting to keep people enslaved, that shows how deep and profound this change is. 

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