June 7, 2020


George W. Bush and Mitt Romney 'will NOT support President Trump in November's election (JAMES GORDON, 6/07/20, DAILYMAIL.COM )

'He's obviously not a fan,' Updegrove said when it comes to George W's feelings about Trump. 'He told me in mid-2016 that Trump 'really doesn't understand the job of president' and later that he voted for 'none of the above'. 

Updegrove said that it was unlikely Bush would vote for Biden but he wouldn't be endorsing Trump.

Bush's brother, Jeb, is also planning not to vote for Trump, along with Senator Romney as well.  

Others include John McCain's widow, Cindy McCain, who is likely to vote for Biden. 

The report also notes Republican former Speaker Paul Ryan and former Speaker John Boehner are not declaring publicly how they will vote but some in the GOP may decide to go for a third-party contender or simply openly declare their vote for Biden who is about to launch a 'Republicans for Biden' arm to his campaign.  

W and the UR ought to go out on the road together in support of Uncle Joe, or, even better, serve as his Joe Garagiola, and broadcast conversations with him.

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