May 22, 2020


Cranks of the world unite for Plandemic's crazed Covid conspiracies (Oliver Kamm, 5/22/20, CapX)

The coronavirus crisis is a conspiracy. It's the latest scheme concocted by Big Pharma in alliance with the Gates Foundation and the World Health Organisation to make money. This "circular cabal" are pushing vaccines on consumers, which damage health by weakening their immune systems. So far from shielding you, wearing a face mask "literally activates your own virus".

I've just summarised the argument of a purported documentary film titled Plandemic that went viral on YouTube last week. The film is irrationalist piffle from beginning to end. It's the work of a disgraced former research scientist in the United States called Judy Mikovits, who has form for bogus claims. In 2009 she co-authored a paper linking the medical condition known as chronic fatigue syndrome to a retrovirus from mice. Other researchers were unable to replicate Mikovits's results and her paper was subsequently retracted by the journal in which it appeared.

Heck, scientists can't even demonstrate that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome exists.

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