April 28, 2020


Look What He Makes You GiveThe COVID-19 crisis shows how little elite Republicans got in exchange for the soul they had to give to Donald Trump. (REED GALEN  APRIL 19, 2020, The Bulwark)

Along time ago in a galaxy far, far away Republican elites claimed that they didn't like Donald Trump very much. They didn't support him in the primary. Many said or implied that they wouldn't vote for him in the general election.

But at some point each one of them reasoned that the right thing to do was to don the MAGA hat in order to ensure that Trump made good on the policy priorities they most valued.

They acknowledged the trade-off.  Trump would make them eat some shit sandwiches with the tweets and the corruption and the protectionism and the race baiting. But they'd get theirs. This was the genesis of the "But Gorsuch" meme.

At the time, some of us asked . . . are you sure you know what's in this sandwich?

Today that's now clear.

More than 39,000 Americans are dead from a pandemic that was ignored while the president was vainly consumed with the state of the stock market and keeping the numbers down. We are confronted daily with a president utterly incapable of truthfully explaining the stakes, or calling the nation to shared sacrifice, or even merely striking a tone that allows for communal grieving.

That elite Republicans have endorsed this horrifying display of tragic mismanagement lays bare what Trump has taken from each person who made this deal, how much of their soul he has sucked from their body.

It's striking how little they actually got out of the bargain. 

But what's even more striking is that, instead of being angered at their having been being suckered by Trump, or ashamed of it, Republicans decided to accept--and even to celebrate--the parts of Trumpism that they had once regarded as the regrettable price of the exchange.

Look what he has made them give. 

And the Right, which at least got some racism via Executive Orders, will lose it all on day one of the Biden Administration.

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