March 11, 2020


Sanders's secret is out: He has no movement (Jennifer Rubin, March 11, 2020, Washington Post)

For months -- for years, really -- the media have reported that the Democratic Party has gone far left. They have treated social media as a barometer of the party's political attitudes and characterized center-left candidates as out of touch with their own party. They have done so despite the triumph of moderate Democratic House candidates in 2018; despite the failure of left-wing Democrats to flip a single House seat; despite the polls showing a substantial percentage of Democrats consider themselves moderate or somewhat liberal; and despite the failure of super-progressive presidential candidates to attract the most critical element in the Democratic Party (African Americans).

With this faulty premise, the media's coverage has been at times wildly off-kilter. It was easy for anyone caring to look closely to see that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) did not "win" a single debate, because his ranting and raving merely reinforced the fervor of his own cult while turning off the rest of the party. The media have been obsessed with the "likability" of female candidates, never considering that Sanders's angry and rude demeanor would turn off women, who make up more than half of the Democratic electorate. A simple question -- "Who is he gaining by all this yelling?" -- should have been front and center in the media's coverage. His "movement" was assumed but never examined carefully.

In short, the media have been conned by the left, by the far-left interest groups and social media bullies, by Sanders's results in 2016 (now properly seen as much as an anti-Hillary Clinton vote as a pro-Sanders vote) and by the never-fulfilled promise that he was building a multiracial, young movement.

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