March 8, 2020


Trump & Sanders drove me to become a Democrat. Other disgusted Republicans should join me. (Gabriel Schoenfeld, 3/08/20, USA Today)

I became a Republican with Ronald Reagan's election in 1980. This was the party of the Constitution, of limited government and a forward-leaning American posture around the world. It was Reagan who helped topple Communism in the Soviet Union and shepherded countries like South Korea and Taiwan into the democratic fold. It was Reagan who enshrined an intelligent brand of originalism by appointing the great constitutionalist Antonin Scalia to the Supreme Court.

But on the day Donald Trump won the Republican nomination, I was out the door. As a lifelong New Yorker until quite recently, I know that three-card monte is a scam. I would never lend an iota of support to Trump and his shills. I immediately registered as an independent and devoted my efforts as a writer to exposing Trump's flimflammery.

The party that I once regarded as a pillar of our constitutional order is now eating away at that order like termites, indulging every one of Trump's transgressions against longstanding constitutional norms and against decency itself. The party that once stood against dictators is now led by a man who admires Russia's Vladimir Putin and says he fell in love with North Korea's Kim Jong Un. As much as I loathed the Democrats, I loathe these craven Republican cowards even more.

In 2018, I moved from New York City to Washington, D.C., and in January I changed my voter registration from independent to Democratic. Living in an overwhelmingly blue city, my vote has more meaning in a Democratic primary. I am passionately committed to bringing down Trump and I will support any Democrat who can achieve that result. 

Some self-reflection about how loathing Democrats helped create the miasma out of which the Right arose would be welcome here.

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